Sweet Pain Wall – Pentax Spotmatic Roll #4

606545-r1-01-23aHave we talked about my love for climbing? Its probably a broken record by now. Tough luck, this is my space;) Not like Myspace circa 2004, but like my realm, my blog. etc etc. whatever anyway.

I started climbing sometime in 2009 at the Rockhaus in Logan, Utah when I was attending college at Utah State University. I remember it to be something like a friend up my hall invited me to go to the climbing gym and I was desperate for friends because I moved up there knowing very few people, so I jumped on the opportunity. I don’t remember much about that specific event (I’m sure I sucked) but I do remember the next couple years I thought about climbing a lot, I wanted to get better at it. I bought my first pair of climbing shoes at a midnight sale at Al’s Sporting goods for like $50 which is a bargain for a climbing shoe, but a splurge for a poor college kid. The rest of my gear (harness, chalk bag, a couple carabiners) I bought at a yard sale where this hippy guy was selling all his belongings to go live in a solar dome in the mountains.. true story. I think I paid a total of $30 for all of that, I could barely buy food, but I bought used mens gear from a stranger because I REALLY wanted it. Now, the next 3 years of college I didn’t climb consistently, I went through waves of going to the gym or to the canyon depending on what friends were wanting to go and whether I had a job to pay for my gym pass, but I loved it.

I graduated college in 2012 and moved back to Vegas thinking I was “moving backward” in life. I think a lot of post grads feel this way when they have no clue what their path is. Within the first couple months of living in Vegas again I went to the closest climbing gym to my house (which also happens to be the oldest climbing gym on the west coast.. fun fact) and signed up for a  membership without even touching the walls first. The rest is history… I haven’t stopped climbing since. Through being bummed to move back to Vegas not knowing what to do with myself, I like to tell my friends I had a “re-birth” of loving Vegas. Red Rock and Mount Charleston have come to be my weekend homes and I’ve just barely scraped the surface of what they have to offer me. I have so much room to grow as a climber and this place has been my playground. Not to mention I met my boyfriend at the climbing gym and I now have so many good friends I met through climbing.

606545-r1-07-17aThis post has no “actual” climbing shots in it because it was just Tim and I out there and well, one person climbs and the other belays and its not safe to photograph whilst doing either of those things. So I shot just bits and pieces of a trip out to Red Rock for an afternoon at a crag, that we’ve done a hundred times. (Second pull out, Sweet Pain Wall, Red Rock Canyon)

















Sweet Pain Wall – Pentax Spotmatic Roll #4

yoga on the lawn – pentax spotmatic roll #3

606544-r1-02-30aRoll #3 wasn’t my finest hour. I was excited to shoot in a dark setting.. and well, my camera freaked out, kept locking up and I didn’t know what was happening. I shot my friends and I doing Yoga on the Lawn at Downtown Summerlin. The yoga was AMAZING, and the weather was EVEN BETTER. TruFusion is opening a studio there and the summer months leading up to their grand opening they did free sessions of yoga for anyone who wanted to join. Unfortunately we didn’t hear about it til the last two weeks they were doing it, but what a smart promo idea because I’m gonna hop on that yoga membership right when they open.


–Shot from iphone below–

img_0252Natasha and I

img_0253img_0254That dog cracked me up. He didn’t move from that spot for like 10 minutes.

img_0256This was one of the first tastes of fall this year and it got me really psyched for other outdoor activities soon to come. Who doesn’t love FALL!?


yoga on the lawn – pentax spotmatic roll #3

Shadow – Pentax Spotmatic Roll #2

606435-r1-05-19aFilm roll #2 was all about trying to eliminate over-exposure and unfocused shots. Shadow was my subject because she’s my sidekick and always with me,  plus she’s painfully adorable … and she didn’t have a choice. Thankfully she didn’t know what was going on anyway and provided the challenge of focusing on something that is constantly moving, which I knew I needed to work on. Exposure was an easy fix because I’m beginning to learn the quirks of my Spotmatic. The light meter is either broken or I don’t have the right battery (working on it), but I also know I could do it without the light meter. I was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out.

Most of these shots were taken at a park near my house in the afternoon while the sun was setting, which created a warm glow on the tips of her fur I found to be really beautiful.


606435-r1-04-20aThis means rub my belly please.




606435-r1-14-10aI love the back of her ears so much.



606435-r1-15-9aThese were shots to experiment shooting inside my room using the evening light (the sun was almost set) from the window.


606435-r1-20-4aAnd then she photo bombed and somehow this light leak thing happened<3

Overall I think roll #2 was a success in getting more accustomed to the Spotmatic. There’s definitely little quirks on old cameras that you wouldn’t find on a digital camera, but I think the outcome of the film is well worth it. There’s no way your iphone could capture the richness like film does, not matter the filter.

Shadow – Pentax Spotmatic Roll #2

Calico Basin – Pentax Spotmatic 35 mm film (Roll #1)

606351-r1-08-16aNot sure if you could tell.. but I haven’t gotten over this film kick I’ve been on the past couple months. So within that time I’ve been researching and price checking film cameras so I could save money, dispose less of disposables, and have more flexibility on how these photos turn out. I spent 3 years of high school in photography class learning the ins and out of film photography (including dark room developing, etc) and since that was literally a decade ago (I’m old AF) my knowledge is SUPER rusty, I don’t even remember the ISOFStopApertureExposure stuff all too well. So I ended up purchasing a Pentax Spotmatic from a lady on craigslist. I had my eye set on a k1000 for weeks and after a handful of Ebay outbids and not finding exactly what I wanted I went with the Spotmatic because it was the right time/price and VERY similar to the k1000. The Pentax Spotmatic is a hardy, dependable, & student-like film camera manufactured between the years of 1964 and 1976. Neato.

I shot the first roll this weekend on a hike around Calico Basin with my roommate Natasha and the whole time I kept thinking to myself that none of the shots would come out and that the craigslist lady lied to me and the camera actually didn’t work (you just NEVER know) and to be fair its an old camera so I didn’t know what to expect. WHY IS FILM SO FUN TO SHOOT!? To my surprise the camera worked, and there are some shots I actually really love. BUT, I have a lot to learn still, so I think I’m starting a series here on my blog that documents my learning curve on the Spotmatic. You’ll see in the shots below there is a lot of over-exposure and blurry-ness. (I swear I was focusing haha) BUT, I’m excited to get better at it! I still love all these photos for different reasons, flaws and all. Take a look.

606351-r1-00-24aNatasha, my hiking buddy. Did I mention it was BLAZING hot on the hike? I had it set in my mind that it was Fall here in Vegas, but I was sorely wrong.

606351-r1-01-23aThe blues and grays here<3

606351-r1-03-21aMy furbaby Shadow was a lot of the subject on this roll… and they were ALL blurry, haha. Definitely need to work on that.




606351-r1-09-15a606351-r1-10-14aI think this lemon limey color is my favorite right now.

606351-r1-11-13aThis shot was so incredibly over exposed but it came out looking like a antique landscape painting that started to fade or something, and I don’t hate it.

606351-r1-12-12aLooks like Shadow Circa 1932



606351-r1-15-9aThis one i’m pissed her face isn’t in focus… it would have been the perfect headshot for her acting career. Ugh.

606351-r1-16-8aAnd this one will probably end up as a print on my wall, and was probably my favorite shot on the roll.



606351-r1-19-5And lastly, there’s always a double exposure or some kind of mishap that I still like having around. It’s like that shirt you can’t get rid of just because there’s a bleach stains on it.

I have so much to learn about the new (but old) camera, but it’s all about the process right? Roll #2 is loaded.

Calico Basin – Pentax Spotmatic 35 mm film (Roll #1)

Disposable Diaries – Maple Canyon Labor Day 2016

606241-r1-07-16aI spent Labor Day weekend up in Maple Canyon, Utah… again, its pretty apparent we like it here since i’ve blogged about it once or twice HERE or HERE but this time Tim had some vacation time so he packed up and spent 2 weeks straight camping there. Part of me was jealous it wasn’t me also going for 2 weeks straight to watch his beard grow (that work doesn’t allow) BUT, luckily I was able to get there both weekends he was there to see the beard… oh and of course climb rocks. The end of summer is the PERFECT time to be there; the weather is absolutely gorgeous still, but with the fall colors starting to show up. Here are some under and over exposed grainy shots from my FijiFilm Quicksnap. It feels like they’re shots from an old climbing guidebook or something.


606241-r1-00-24aOur campsite was near what I like to call a “blubbling brook” which makes for a dreamy atmosphere. It kept reminding me of those CDs that help people fall asleep like, the sound of the ocean, or crickets or-or like crackling fire place.


606241-r1-03-20aThe edge of this photo got messed up in developing, and I dig it.

606241-r1-06-17aWe climbed with this guy Brent who was best friends/owner of these two bears dogs , the lighter one would run in front of his truck as he drove through the canyon to get energy out.  606241-r1-04-19a


606241-r1-08-15aOur campmate Andrew (climbing) and Brent (belayer) beginning a climb at Minimum Crag.

606241-r1-09-14aI like how the colors got colder & deeper in the evening, still being able to see the last of the days light reflecting on the upper cobbles.

606241-r1-12-9aOne of the evenings as we were wrapping up our last climbs someone said the magic word: PIZZA… that word lingered til we all decided we HAD to go where pizza was, so we drove into this tiny town called Mount Pleasant outside the canyon to Main Street Pizza. It was SO WORTH IT.

606241-r1-13-5aHere I’m on Heathen (11b) at Pictograph wall, one of my favorite climbs of the weekend.

606241-r1-14-4aOn our rest day we hiked into some hot springs to sooth our sore muscles.

606241-r1-15-3aShadow wanted to be as close to Tim as possible but also didn’t want to get in the water, so she stayed ride on the edge of the rocks protecting him, haha.


606241-r1-17-1aLook close… we’re in the hole of the water fall, which is surrounded by shirtless strangers. I think I’ll frame this one.

606241-r1-19-00aI know its blurry but I had to show how many freaking caterpillars were EVERYWHERE. They were all over my gear and around our campsite. Super fuzzy little creatures, I began to get nervous I was going to squish them at every turn. BUT BUT! think of the all the beautiful butterflies that will reside there soon. (or moths… probably moths)

I hope everyones Labor Day was full of adventure or however you wanted to spend the last glimpses of Summer. Now, excuse me while I go put on some white.  #therearenorules

Disposable Diaries – Maple Canyon Labor Day 2016

Disposable Diaries – Havasupai #tbt

605571-R1-00-25AI said i’d post the rest of the disposable camera shots soon, so why not now, while I’m so stoked on them. Back in May of 2014 I went on a Havasupai trip down in the Grand Canyon. You can see the original post of it HERE. The rest of that camera was filled with shots from that trip. My favorite part of disposable/film cameras as simple as this one is how candid it insists your shots to be. If someones blinking or in the middle of a sneeze, so be it.. there’s no going back. The anticipation of getting your film back from developing is a close second favorite part.

605571-R1-01-24A605571-R1-02-23A605571-R1-03-22A605571-R1-04-21A605571-R1-05-20A605571-R1-06-19A605571-R1-07-18AI forgot how gorgeous and crystal the water is here. In the middle of the DESERT!


Disposable Diaries – Havasupai #tbt