Happy Bummer Day

So i guess today is Bummer day.
Today is the anniversary of when my friend Eldon was to release his movie he was making. A year ago. The movie was called Bummer.

Its true. This whole weekend has been pretty much a BUMsicle. Nothing exciting happened. I had my hopes high for things.. but nopes.. none of them happened. I guess life is full of bummer days.

I love how everyone around me right now is in a relationship. Like my roommate right now is in the kitchen with her boyfriend making out, they think i cant hear. And Ive pretty much become a PRO at being the 3rd wheel. Pretty much my trademark i suppose. When in Rome…

on a more chipper note:
my nephew Brandon had his birthday party today, but i couldnt go because driving in the snow scares the poop out of me. So Happy Birthday Buddy!
isnt he a Stud.. yeah i know.

Thanksgiving please come fast.. it will erase my attitude being in bummness mode.

Happy Bummer Day

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