The Coast part 1

[Insert my pity post about how my dating life is a crap hole that never works out smoothly…tear tear…Then get back up and life goes on.]

okay , now that i got that out.

WHAT: Beach 2010
WHERE: Southern Cali. mainly Carlsbad, CA
WHEN: a couple weeks ago.. same week as
The Buried Life Experience.
WHO: Family and Friends.
HOW: with

Reunion with good friends.. at Santa Monica Beach.

LA Temple. I love Los Angeles.

The infamous RODEO Drive

Justin got THIS close to Rihanna. Holy wow!

Santa Monica Pier


My brother and his beautiful familia

birthday dinner, oh p.s. im 20 now.
Carlsbad adventures. the creation of a crab.

Me and Kir. Enjoy my fro-tastic hair.

The grandkids

the crew of people from our church we went with.

church group part 2

my nephew Drake turned black.

wow.. look at my abs, they are so big. (me covering up my chubby chub with sarcasm)
attempted surfing.. it was a good time.

check out part 2 of post because this post wouldnt let me put up all the pictures for whatever reason. lame.

The Coast part 1

3 thoughts on “The Coast part 1

  1. i love this and hate this at the same time…
    Love it because cali is amazing and you got to go..
    hate it cause cali is amazing and i didnt get to go too.

    thats not really rhianna is it?
    i feel like a noob for asking this


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