Ugly sweater roommateship Christmas weekend.

Sometimes people come along in your life where you can dress up like a Christmas Present, and they look at you and say,
girl you crazy but let me go get my bow.
Me and all the single ladies in my house which now is 4 out of 10, hit up the annual ugly sweater party at a homies house.

Speaking of homies.. do you recognize this guy? Better yet, do you recognize that vest?
I swear my 1st grade teacher owns it.
this is Adam, he really is only like 23 and a trendy dude, but he looks like a 45 year old lurker here. lol

Santa came.

Tal, me, and Madison.

This house was PACCCCKKKKED! Dont know how many people ended up coming, but im going to say about 200+ showed up, we danced a ton. And joined in holiday cheer.

They had mistletoe all over the place and they were all numbered, and when ever they would use there megaphone alarm they would yell a number and who ever was underneath that one, they’d have to smooch.

It wasnt fair because there was no room to move, so if you got stuck accidentally with a strange male that smelt like onions, while wearing his grannies sweater, you were screwed.
I avoided the upstairs (where the mistletoe was) and just danced all night down stairs.
one more party topic: me and my roommate were dancing on the wooden banisters on the stairs… welp, long story short, my roommate now has a splinter in her thigh.
therefore, dont dance on wooden banisters

Natalie, Madison, Me, Ryleigh, and Talia


Roommate Christmas Party!
we have been planning this party for weeks now, because thats how hard it is to get all TEN of us in one place at one time, naw mean?

We drew names for secret santa, and exchanged last night.

got socks (her favorite) and a brownie book, because she loves making brownies, and shes the domestic one in the house.


got a sweet mug, Harry Potter, Dear John, and straight from Babs mouth, a giftcard to

got this shirt and a Christmas mix cd

got this cute striped sweater

got green socks, hot cocoa candy cane sticks, and clinique beauty products

got candies, and this stripe shirt

got Xmas socks, and a colorful plaid scarf

got flip flop slippers and pajama short! LOVE!

got amazing red long johns, and a fleece blanket

these ladies are great. and make school livable.
one more final to lose sleep over. greeeat.

Winter break is so Close!!!


Ugly sweater roommateship Christmas weekend.

4 thoughts on “Ugly sweater roommateship Christmas weekend.

  1. How much fun was that;sounds like you had a blast, the sweater party looked crazy and I'm glad to hear you stayed away from the misletoe smart girl….. but seriously did you get stuck under any misletoe? No I realy don't want to know. Can't wait to see you Thursday. LOve MOM


  2. Ok your mom's comment is hysterical! Tell me…no don't…but maybe tell me…ok I don't want to know!

    I just wanted to point out that you are the most naked in all of these photos! 🙂 Missing Vegas weather much? 🙂

    Come HOME TO ME!


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