Its not the best time to be inspired. but i am and i should be sleeping.
so here’s my list of current inspirations.


Jarle Bernhoft

This man is pure genius.

Effect International

This freaking awesome kid in my ward is a member and creator of this non profit organization that goes to India and teaches people how to read and builds schools.
did you know: -approximately half of women in India do not know how to read or write?
(often times because they were sold on the sex market early in their life)
-Around 40% of the total population in India is illiterate and only 15% of the students are able to reach high school.

I want to help SOOO bad.
.. and you should to.
click the link above for more info.


Im really feeling these right now.
Using just random nuts and bolts lyin around in your garage that your pop may not be using.. and make something so legitimate like these bracelets.
thats it! im going to make these!

for more info check out honestlywtf

LASTLY, this was me and my two roommates Nat, and Ryleigh tonight..
We got all ready to go outside and jog and we opened the door to snow fall.. barf. SOOO.. instead we started doing our own aerobics in the living room to rap from high school.
next thing we know..
We’re doing Bollywood workout videos we found on youtube. It was amazing.. i was breaking a sweat. and learning awesome Bollywood moves.
oh then later we watched the Miracle of Life from like the 70’s, ya know, the one you watched in health in 7th grade or somethin. Educational thats fasho.

please share your inspirations,
i love being inspired at 12:38 a.m.


One thought on “INSPIRED.

  1. don't worry it's 12:47. i'm still awake.
    why have we not been together the past 2 hours.

    anyways. inspirations.
    sun, long boarding, food blogs, ect.


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