Day 20

 Nothing really happened today. 
It was a frickishly rainy day. One minute we’d look out the window and it would be just raining.. then the next it would be completely foggy and we couldn’t even see across the street. We were LITERALLY inside a cloud up here in the Alpy Alps. So, we stayed in the Au Bel Air basically all day working on our marketing project for Femina Chocolate. It was weird to actually not travel hardcore for an entire day. But i couldnt leave you guys hangin.. so you GOTTA see the vid that was made from our Geneva Lake gallivant (v. To roam about in search of pleasure or amusement) from yesturday.
 Please Enjoy.

Special thanks to Lindsay and Pam via Switzer Struts.

And then Kaitls, Kaylee and I grandma race back home, after taking a dip into the lake. But it was raining already so ‘wetness’ was bound to happen either way. Eventful day yesterday.

Don’t worry tomorrow will be more travels, keepa readin:D

Day 20

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