Day 21

 FIRST AND FOREMOST: Shout out to my father!
Gruyeres, Switzerland.
We had the lucky opportunity to go to a Medieval Festival in Gruyeres, and explore the beautiful scenery and lurk on all the people dressed up like authentic medieval folk. I think everyone enjoyed them self quite a bit.. Here are scenes from the day:
from left: Sarah, Kaylee, Kaitlyn, Me, and Talia
Gruyeres center square.
i wasnt kidding when i said they were dressed up authentically. Straight up.
men in tights
this view was unreal.
maze jumping.
We also went to a couple museums, one of which was a Tibet museum
We had time for meditation in the Chapel of this Tibet Museum. On this trip we strive to set aside time daily for meditation to clear our minds in order to gain more perspective in ‘Designing our life’
Pistachio and Chocolate on a grass hill.
Stained glass on a tomb stone.
wet pitcher that was just made.
feeling like Nala about to pin Simba.  (whilst gallivanting in this meadow, in character, I got stung by some form of insect.. which threw off the whole mood)
Last stop of the day was in Montreux where we had 25 minutes to kill, so we went to the Geneva lake side lookout.
Day 21

2 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. As always these pictures were great loved the mid evil look about the town and the costumes were interestingly fun… You got a pic of some guy just off the Side of a bus was he in your group? Also loved that cool wall you all were standing on real Camelot looking loved it. Have a great week love ya!


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