Day 22

We went to the actual Matterhorn today. Not just the one at Disneyland. The real one is located near Zermatt, so we climbed (as in the train) a huge mountain to get to this little place. Probably the most touristy place we’ve been. Today was also our last day all traveling with the group, so it was sorta bittersweet.
On the way up on the train me and Kaitlyn sat next to this old lady that ended up chatting with us. She is almost 85 years old and came to Switzerland from Germany in 1945. She was 19 years old at that time. And she talked to us about the war and how she met her husband. I loved talking to her, old people have a view of life in such a different perspective,  that always creates light bulbs in my head. Not to mention they are wise, and have many years of life experience on top of ours. One of my favorite aspects of traveling that ive come to realize is that i love the random moments with the people here. Their story, and different lifestyle. It always captivates me.
Me and Talia created our vision boards (assignment we have to do) here in this sitting area.
SOOOO, its been a LONG month, and today was the last day of hard travel with the group like i said before, and i think we are all POOPED..
i think maybe even a little crazy…
Hey Abe Lincoln
just too easy Kaitlyn, i know you have some of me too:D
The view going up the mountain to Leysin that we take everyday. Have i mentioned how blessed i am?
Since it was the last dinner with the full group, Dominque made it extra special. I have a video of him playing his trumpet, but its having troubles uploading. Ill have to show you later.
He made it look like an American/Swiss party
And made the most delicious cake that had vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry layers of ice cream (glasse) inside a layer of white cake, then cover in some cream stuff that he set on fire to make all crispy.
It said “USU 10″… because we were the 10th year of this program.
That’s basically the day. I slacked on the pictures, ill pick up the picture taking tomorrow. Promise.
Day 22

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