Day 23

 Presentation Day.  Remember how i told you we had to do a marketing project. We were split up into groups (design and business students) to re-design a brand of chocolates here called Femina.. So here was our finishing product.
we proposed that this brand support a cause in order to gain advertising, revenue and to help people
Ads we made. We were inspired by Tiffany & Co.
Then we had one of my favorite meals.
All the salad dressings here are 10 times better than in the states.
Mashed tators, cauliflower, and meat.

NO WAFFLE WILL EVER COMPARE TO THIS WAFFLE.. Its like a glazed donut in waffle form, with chocolate and caramel and whipped cream on it. all of that and times it by 500 and this is how amazing it is.
Kaitlyn: “i would throw up just so i would have room to eat more of these waffles”
Then a smaller group of us hopped on a train to go for an evening swim in Geneva lake again.. but this time in our swim suits.
We got there in time to see the sunset
The group.
check out Clays face.. he’s on the far right sitting down. He’s our eccentric fella.
The ladies.
It felt amazing to finally be done with the school part of the trip, although its going to be weird not to be with the entire 46 person group.
Tomorrow we’re going to Italy for a couple days. So see you on Friday!
Day 23

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