THE END of Switz for now…

 The end of this journey has been bittersweet and NOTHING like the first 3 weeks. I mean we went to Italy, then the rest of the time has been SO random.
I guess ill start out with us meeting two local brothers from Leysin on the train over a week ago,
Then running into them again.
Then us getting invited to one of their birthday parties.
So we went.. because we wanted to see how Europians party. 
Turns out they don’t dance.  Not as much as Americans at least.
Also i forgot to say the kids whose birthday it was.. he’s a DJ.
Being the crazy Americans that we are, we danced while they watched us being crazy. haha
The best part was that the songs that they played were way old school hip hop, like Run DMC, and MC Hammer (thats what they think we jam to, which we do when we want an old school pick me up)
It was a really funny night.
 Us dancing all weird, and the Swiss people (which you see at the end all around the table) looking at us like we’re the weirdest things they’ve ever met.
one of the days we decided to get on a random train and not look at where the destination was and just end up in an unknown town.
So we did, and it took us to Texas… not really, it took us to a small swiss hick town called Bavois.
We came across a soccer football field. And we hung out in the stand where the announcers would sit
we also twirled until we were so dizzy that we fell on this big field of grass, in this unknown town.
Sam is always so happy.
we waited for our train.. like we do numerous times a day.
homeboys played their caseo on the train
out the train window on our way to Leysin
This is Kaitl about to catch my chapstick
Been a LONG month, very tiring…
more tiresome people.
But, Dominique always greets us with this smile. pulls at my heart strings everytime. haha Cheesy i know,,, hate me for it.
we ate on the deck
Authentic Brauts and other random Swiss stuff.
Definitely one of my top favorite photos of all time. Explains his entire day the other day.
And as glamorous as this looks, Kaylee had a water mishap.. but doesnt it look like a sea horse.
This was our last night all together before we come back to America..and the boys were crackin us up. Im going to miss spending so much time with all of them.
It wouldnt have been the same without all the different people in our group. Everyone added funny stories and had an impact on how this experience was. I wouldn’t take anything back.
(except maybe the cheese fondue, and anyone who was in this group would probably agree) haha
THE END of Switz for now…

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