Recap and Goodbye.

 I felt like my last Swiss post wasn’t good enough to end on.
I need more closure in this relationship. I mean one whole month i gave this love relationship.. i owe it to Him (because in french you have to specify if masculine or feminine).
So here it goes with the recap and goodbye.
The monastery was AMAZING, and an unforgettable 3 days. Not many people can say they took a pilgrimage in the Alps in a blizzard, hung out with a Monk, cleaned a chapel full of really old stuff that we weren’t supposed to touch. and walked over the Italian border. And met an amazing girl named Margerite who took us to a pub where we had an amazing night in Italy. what. up.
Videos stolen from Kaitl’s youtube.
I had the privilege to hang out with ALL of these people. My  USU swiss family… and Dominique.

did weird shiz the entire time. were “stupid Americans…”
I followed old people around.. was it creepy? uh, nope;D
The thing that MADE this trip was being with these girls the whole time. I love them all SO MUCH! Im having weird withdrawals without them around, and saying inside jokes that we created in Switz out loud and having no one understand them.
Swimming in Lake Geneva ALOT. We definitely formed a bond with this place. It became our hang out.  Vevey and the Americans are tight.
went to Italy and swam in the Mediterranean. Had an unreal day…one of the best in my life.
Now for the Goodbye:
once again the view from our room
same view
just waving to Sam on our balcony, taking one last look at what we were blessed with for a month.
smolder.. love her.
down our hallway
our room all packed up. (and the photo that i promised mom and April of my room)
after we were all on the bus taking our last looks at Au Bel Air and our Leysin home.
Seriously two of my favorite people on this earth. I miss them dearly. I miss their: breakfasts, waffles, accents, reaction to us blowing the fuse in the building, Dominique saying, “come to me..”,Josieanne teaching us how to eat cheese fondue, and most of all just their giving personalities. I will forever remember them, and remember how they introduced the Swiss Culture to me.
June 2011,  I already want you back!!
If you missed out on the trip check out posts Day 1 all the way to THE END post.
Recap and Goodbye.

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