The simple life

This weekend I had a long trip home planned. I planned it for a number of reasons and was really excited and in need of the time away from school and work. I decided to break up the drive a bit and make a pit stop in Enterprise, Utah to visit the Honey’s (my grandparents). One of the best decisions, because my eyes were opened to so many wonderful things through spending time with these inspired people.
We went to Marv’s. The only local restaurant Enterprise has. Its basically a burger/shake type place. pretty tasty
This whole visit was me observing actions and lifestyle of them. These hands are beautiful. You can just tell the character that has been embedded into them through hours of hands-on hard work. It explains so much.
small towns seem to show how theres always a familiar face anywhere you go… expecially at the one and only restaurant. Here they are talking tractors or crops.
The simple life. I’ve found that as years go by, interests change and the most important things in our life, evolve. When I first arrived at their house I walked in the red door i’ve walked in hundreds of times, and saw them both sitting at the dining table together cracking pecan shells. It was their project for the day. They insist I sit down. I thank them. I grab a nut and start cracking. We then talk about the weather.
My grandpa insists I take some squash and melon home to my folks. He names off the different types of produce he found with enthusiasm. He gets the wheel barrel. I offer to roll it myself. He says, oh no no, this is an old mans job. I chuckle to myself.
Theres something about this house. Its not easy to explain, but here’s my attempt. My cousins and siblings and I know that there was never a dull trip to grandma and grandpa honey’s house growing up. It was a constant adventure, and so much to explore in the back yard alone. The wood piles. Old trailers. Christmas tree lot. And old ‘stuff’ to play with/on/around.
Going back and visiting now gives me crazy flash backs. It reveals the gorgeous colors of the things i used to play with as a child. Its all the same. Same spot, just where I (we) placed them.
reminiscent smells and shapes
The company of my grandparents was priceless time that I will cherish forever. One on one time. At times I felt like I was interviewing them. Sucking all the knowledge I could. They word things in a completely different language than anyone else. Could be the generation difference, but to be honest, they have beautiful insight that If worded differently wouldnt have the same richness and charm.
my visit was almost over and there had been something that I was feeling so impressed to ask them but just hadn’t yet. We stood up to give hugs and send me on my way and I perked up and asked their opinion on how to have a successful relationship, and how they keep the love alive in their relationship.
 With no hesitation my grandfather says, “well first of all you gotta really like the person, you cant just say well he’s an attractive dude, thats enough (he really said dude too)….. But I would really tell you that you must be accommodating with this person.  you have to really be in love with them, and tell them every morning you love them and every night you love them…”
grandma tunes in: “.. you must kiss them everyday”
grandpa: “..yes kiss them, and you should pray together morning and night, we kneel at the end of our bed twice a day, together. We also go to the temple. GO to the temple. Then go to the temple again. and a again and again.”
I was loving how my grandpa took the lead on this question, and you could just tell he was incredibly passionate about his answer and was very thorough. I’ll never forget it. In the middle of this talk my grandma walks over and hugs him, and they peck and you can just feel the pure love they have for eachother.
My favorite part of this whole experience was just the observation of their lives. Talk of gardens. The weather. What dishes to bring to thanksgiving. and how they used to buy things for a nickel.
To them, It doesnt matter who the next winner of American Idol is, or wearing j.crews newest fall sweater. I look up to them more than words can explain. I don’t think they know that.
the simple, beautiful life.
The simple life

4 thoughts on “The simple life

  1. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face! How beautiful that you were able to capture these most amazing people! What a beautiful legacy they have created in us and just by being them…I love them and just so you know I'm stealing all these pictures 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Ok I just got my makeup on and it is running away I was blubbering so hard ha ha! Couldn t get all the pictures to come up maybe on dads computer. So glad you stopped to see grandma and grandpa honey they loved every minute of your stay. As much as you injoyed every minute they relish every second because they are few and far between not to many people go visit them anymore. Thank you for being the jewel you are love you baby girl.


  3. Lor! I absolutely love this, makes me want to go to my grandparents house asap. Also this, I am fascinated by old people hands too… I really think they are beautiful and have their own story to tell. I miss you soooooooooooo much. Love.


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