11.11.11 weekend of firsts

Mucho happened this weekend. Which I love. I thrive on being busy and always having people to go see and random busniess to do. Me and sister Catherina shopped quite a bit this weekend. Hit up three malls downtown, ate delicious food, and enjoyed the sweet Vegas air. I especially love finding things Catherina has never done and making sure she experiences them. Its the bestest.
She has never tasted root beer so we HAD to get on that, dont worry we got the good stuff, ya know, IBC root beer.
this went down right about 11:11 Also. lucky us.
the next fine day we met up with some other family and shopped somemore. Her First time to Urban Outfitter and Anthro. OH! and first thrift shopping experience.
One of the other reasons i came down this weekend was to of course reunite with Blake… it was so great to see the boys back together again.
Later we HAD to have a fire, and then show Catherina S’mores.
Kevin Bacon addicts.
It was a fabulous time together this weekend. I am loving her time with us.
11.11.11 weekend of firsts

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