Dude, Its Christmas Eve.

 It has been like every other Christmas Eve. I make that sound like its not a good thing.. but let me assure its a great thing. It goes a little like this. In-n-out. Movie. dinner. PJ’s/pictures. Christmas movie before bed. Welcome to Christmas Eve with the Truman’s.
 It looks so much better to have 4 people, instead of just 3.
We decided to see Sherlock Holmes this Xmas eve. Jerilyn joined the festivities, we got to the theater a tid early which resulted in…
nap time…
for Mr. and Mrs. Claus. adorable.
 after the fantastic movie (i highly recommend Sherlock to you all) we took a last minute shopping trip to the Ghettos Meadows Mall. I actually enjoyed watching people running around getting cologne or nikes for gifts for the big day. Then we enjoyed a meal with my cousins and played Just Dance 3 til we sweat off dinner.
Catherina and I got in our matching pj’s and enjoyed the ambiance of a room filled with lights from a tree alone.
and topped the night off with Sleepless in Seattle. What else could you want from Christmas Eve?
 Well, maybe this. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I fount out that The Killers write a Christmas song every year. They’re all pretty great. So please indulge:
2010 song.. really creative. watch it.
2011 this year, humorous.
2006 I think. My fav.
I’m already feeling like I wont be able to fall asleep tonight. I’m an adult.. some things never change.
Dude, Its Christmas Eve.

2 thoughts on “Dude, Its Christmas Eve.

  1. You are soooo busted next year Santa is for sure bringing you a lump of coal for the napping pic. You could of put on there I worked my but off all week and had actualy been to work that morning until we went to the movies. We did hav e a great time even so some of us work for a living ha ha


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