Nurturing creativity

I’m going to assume that no one will watch this video.
And that is fine. We watched it in our design class today and I found it to be incredibly helpful, and inspiring to put it cheesily. But I recommend you watch it. Its a talk by the author of Eat, Pray, Love. (to put it more cheesily) but honestly she is hilarious and incredibly intelligent with awesome insight.
There is a part where she talks about how when you gain an idea of any sort, creatively, that sometimes you cant run to a piece of paper quick enough to jot down the amazing idea that you want to fulfill. Other times you dont get to the paper quick enough and the idea runs away from you, almost in a literal sense, and its really difficult to rehash the essence of the original idea.
This got me thinking, how do i stay creative? How do i find an idea of something to create? It scares me when I have “writers block” one could say. How do I get it back? This is what I’m figuring out, because I get it back, but I need to pinpoint what I do to do so.
 I think we’ve all been in the situation where we are driving, walking on campus, or simply listening to music and contemplating and we are BOOM, hit with an incredible idea, and you feel so inspired that your body consumes itself with goosebumps. You gaze aimlessly and sorta grin, because you’re pumped. On top of the world. If you dont mind me saying so; it may be a comparable feeling to feeling the spirit of a higher power and having complete surety in something. gawsh i love this feeling.
The first thing I thought of when thinking how I stay creative and fresh, and gain ideas with my art was:
Participating in new things, new adventures, new surroundings….
(roadtrips/travel*, food, literature, entertainment, friends, etc.)
honestly I think thats it. I mean its obviously a broad answer, but I think we all can relate to it in one way or another.
What keeps you creative?
and seriously, watch this video, its really great.
Nurturing creativity

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