One of those kind of weekends.

It was one of those kind of weekends. That makes you think something bad doesn’t? wrong again, it was one of the best weekends.  I randomly decided to go home for the weekend, because my sister had one extra seat in her car, so I couldn’t pass it up.
On the way down, I got to go out with a friend of mine, had a great time. (even though we went to a BYU game; the enemy)
I got down to Vegas friday night and almost immediately got together with some friendships, headed to the movies. My buddy Big Mike gets cold in movie theaters, as you can tell.
Saturday morning, some of my best friends and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and drove up to Red Rock to go on a nice little hike.
I was so pumped for this. Just to be outside felt amazing.
We lost the trail quite a few times, but it fed to our adventure hungry selves. Turned into more of a challenging hike… we were up for it.
Couldnt have asked for better weather.
da boys
Catherina and I
me clarifying how I could never model.
….being Blake.
Eldon and Dylan
Blake is the perfect boy scout, he brought first aid, granola bars, oranges, enough to go around twice. He was born for the outdoors.
At the top
Writing our thoughts in the book
LV valley
i super love her
the group at the top.
we decided to run down as fast as we could without falling. It was so fun, and so invigorating. This got me so pumped for Spring and summer. Oh yes.
On Sunday we went to Logandale to Melina’s casa to watch the Super Bowl, Ate great food, chatted with family.. oh and i rode in the trunk all the way there.
Me and my momma were matching and had a photoshoot thanks to Channi’s iphone skills. Aren’t we adorable? We sorta look alike dont we? My momma’s a hawty.
Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, with better company. 
My family and friends are so great. 
It was one of those perfect kind of weekends.
One of those kind of weekends.

3 thoughts on “One of those kind of weekends.

  1. 1. Blake was maybe born to be a Mom?
    2. You did NOT ride in the trunk! It was the rear storage area, it has widows, and you volunteered.
    3. It WAS an awesome weekend, though.


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