Wanna talk about the dream? Besides being Ellen Degeneres’ personal assistant…
Street art.
Is that cliche? Even if it is, I seriously enjoy it. Its like if there is going to be a wall or building in the middle of nature, you might as well paint on it. you get me?
I found this artist, named Alice.
She’s based out of Rome. (and has pieces all over Italy, maybe i’ll see one this summer when i’m roaming around that place. with my sister, shout out to Catherina!)
i love this one more than life itself. And i love that she did it on a brick wall, instead of a smooth cement one. It just adds to the appeal, and texture.
Alice says:
“I create art about people and their relationships, I’m interested in
representing human feelings and exploring different points of view.
I especially like to depict strong and independant women”
little too feminist for you guys? whatever, she’s amazing. One day I will do some kind of street piece. Illegally.. hopefully not. If I get good enough, it wont be.

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