You know who I adore?

One of the greatest friends I have. Natalie Sargent enlists into the MTC (missionary training center) tomorrow. She’s incredible. And we had a lovely last talk Monday night on skype.
She’s headed to Vina Del Mar, Chile in a few short months after the MTC. Spanish speaking obviously. And she is going to KILL. IT. Out there.
So proud of her.
 I realize these aren’t the most attractive photos of either of us, I couldn’t seem to catch a good screen shot, but i sorta love these.
So I surrendered and embraced the inner creep.
I know she’s not dying but I thought I’d post a couple of my favorite moments with Nat.
And the greatest thing about our friendship is we haven’t been friends that long. But we connected instantly. Here it is folks:
Spring break 2011 in Vegas
Annual Ugly Sweater party December 2011
Powder puff partners 2010 sometime
After we got our aces kicked
yes please
could possibly be the most attractive photo of us to date.
Halloween 2010
Roommate breakfast. But mainly her boxers she LIVED IN.
Christmas roommate gift exchange photo shoot.
Is it bad that i used this as an excuse to re hash all the photos from the past year and a half?
But to be honest, I’m going to miss Nat so much. She always made the biggest effort to keep in contact with every one of her friends. I mean you couldn’t not love having her around.
I know you wont get to read this, but I love you Hermana Sargent.
You know who I adore?

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