… as of late

So there was this one time I went home for Spring Break and I came too close to running out of gas, that I coasted up to the gas station. All because some Nascar race made me wait in a ton of traffic. Made my mother sweat a little.  
Here is a recap of whats been going on lately, I’ve been a very very busy girl this semester so i’ve been slacking, so I’ll give you a taste of the recent happenings. (according to my iphone)
 As i was driving home, my pops told me to hurry home, and this was the text convo we had after he told me to speed home.
 My spring break was spent with lots of time out side. Bike rides and such. Eldon hates this photo of him, but i dig it. So he’ll just have to deal.
hadnt been to a skate park since middle school.
I got back to school after SB and got back into the swing of school work and found this gem on the wall of one of the art rooms. It was a board with people who attended an art event last year and had a photo booth. The Puffs made us laugh. Mainly because their names were.. the Puffs:D
attended one of my last basketball games as a student here at USU. we won. obvi.
This past week the weather started loving us again. Got up to the 70’s this weekend. I couldn’t believe it really. But its when everyone tries to get some color on their skin. even dudes. bromance.
I went shooting with my good friend Porter, since the weather was good and all. Enjoyed myself.
Through this i realized i could probably never be a cop. Too much pressure. I’ll stick to shooting cans of orange soda, thank you.
Then today me and Talia went to The Hunger Games. And beat our hunger by sneaking Jimmy Johns in with us. But on to the good stuff. the Hunger games was everything that i wanted. Katniss was a perfect Katniss (whatever her real life name is), She got every emotion just how i wanted it. A couple things didnt follow the book, but all in all. LOVED IT.
Pray that this nice weather stays for good. I know I am. I’m ready to say hello to Spring.
… as of late

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