The time has come..

 …where i’m getting extremely depressed to leave this place.
I swear, just when things start getting good, I have to make a huge change.
I still remember the first day I moved to Logan. Oh boy was I a noob, and terrified because of my lack of friends. or anything familiar for that matter.
But the past couple of weeks, I make myself queezy thinking about saying goodbye. Every perk about this place is starting to sound so great.
Whats happened to me? I used to jump on any opportunity to bag on the weather or how ‘small-town’ Logan is. AH.. i love it here.
I really do love all 4 seasons, and how safe it actually is here. Even though the lack of street lights everywhere freaked me out for a good 2 years, and night-time was SO eery… oh oh, and everyone leaving their doors unlocked… its grown on me. Theres something about how when the weather is perfect outside, EVERYONE is outside, and as simple as the sun being out, makes those days practically a holiday. Something I never used to appreciate.
The involvement. Its contagious. I’ve never gone to another college, but I would bet Utah State has some of the best events and number of students that get involved.
Ask anyone that knows me.. this is so out of character for me to say all this. But I adore this place. And like my friend says, “every day is your last day here”… and that makes me sick. Everyday is a holiday from here on out, I have to do so much in the next couple of weeks while I still have an address here.
Can time just rewind?
who am i? and what happened to the Lori from the past 3 years?
The time has come..

6 thoughts on “The time has come..

  1. I miss my college days in Reno so much! That town has zero appeal but it has such a soft spot in my heart that I think about packing everyone up and moving there all the time. You're not weird at all…college life is the best:)


  2. Yes I do know how that feels. Dixie was so hard to leave it was a part of my life I loved and I knew it would never come back. But life gets better new adventures ect. Love you baby girl.


  3. ahhh i loved this lori.

    listen, this is exactly how I felt about leaving logan. and exactly how I am feeling now leaving NY. But I can honestly say that the next adventure just gets better than the last. Doesnt seem possible but it does!


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