I’m a senior and its scaring me

 This past week was pretty crazy planning for my senior Design BFA show, where we displayed our portfolios of work we’ve done in the past couple years as photo/graphic design students.
But boy oh boy does it feel good to have one thing checked off the list of capstone projects for the end of the semester.
Explanation for photo above could lend itself to my goal to go to as many of the places in town that I havent eaten at before I move. Can you believe 4 years later and I havent eaten at everything place. I mean this place is small. Still got a couple weeks to do some work.
On to the BFA show…
This little shin dig was held at the Bullen Center.. on main street where a lot of different kinds of art shows are held. I was on the “interior” committee, so on friday we were up super early setting this thing up.
Sneak peak to the decor. It ended up being more foofy and crafty looking than I voted on it being….but its hard to state your opinion when there are 40 other people wanting other things.
Our theme was “CAPTURE DESIGN” to combine photo and graphic design students into one show. kind of had a mug shot idea in mind when planning our poster (shown in the post before this). Capture=meaning photo being captured and/or getting arrested for being awesome artists.
I was also on the food committee, which lead to me dishing gelato all night. Not too bad of a job.
now.. i have this friend. Her name is Lindee. and she is the bested ever.
now, a lot of you wont understand the irony of this photo, but these are the two head graphic design teachers. They both basically rule the design department. Both incredibly talented.. There’s just one problem, They are POLAR opposites, in just about every aspect. Besides one being asian and the other white, they also dont really like each other, and often time make this vocal in class, maybe not in a direct manner, but we ALL KNOW. They make taking both of their classes a PAIN.. imagine for a second, showing both of them the same project, and one loving it, and the other hating it. What do you do then? So, when we saw them sitting and chatting we had to take a photo.
This girl.. cracks me up.
cant think of any other time ive been hotter than this right here.
We’re almost college grads… hire us, eh?
me and some friends participated in some other activities as the night went on.
And thats that… another week down, one less week of my time in Logan.
I’m a senior and its scaring me

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