Class of 2012

It’s incredibly surreal that this day came.

I’m sure its normal to be happy and sad to see it come. But what a perfectly beautiful day it was. In the morning we had to meet on the quad. I’m really glad we met there because Its the perfect place to catch the essence of Utah State at its purest and most charming. Everyone was full of anticipation and the feeling of accomplishment. It was contagious. Its not everyday you have this feeling. Like you just fulfilled a 4+ year marathon and weren’t even sore, just finished and ready for whats next.

We had a ceremony with all the graduating students from Utah State, where we listened to a couple speakers, and were praised. I love being praised sometimes. Quentin L. Cook, one of the 12 apostles of the LDS church was given an award for his Doctorate of Law or something of that sort. But I was on the second row, so it was pretty great to see him that up close.

I couldnt help but feel like I was at Hogwarts. Then I ended up sitting next to Dumbledore in the ceremony, then i knew it was true.
Some of the Design graduates I spent a lot of time with, waiting to go on stage for the second ceremony with just our college.
We all got sat on stage, and awaited our time to walk.
spoiler alert! we had to hand this to the guy to read while we walked across the stage…(praying i didnt trip and face plant) But I did run into the plant that was on stage. why do they have plants up there anyway?
Then it was all over. Wrapped up with a nice remix of the graduation song that I laughed and danced to, along with streamers that fell from the ceiling.
Lindee, a fellow design student.
my good friend Benjamin
my beautiful engaged/swissmiss Sarah
Then the ALL TIME BEST GRAD PHOTO EVER TAKEN. Erik Wynn. That face was a complete accident, but i loved it.
A different Benjamin
My oldest sister Channi. My folks, brother, and my sister & fam came to support me. I don’t have the photos with them yet, but i was so glad they all came up. Made the day feel extra special. Love them all so much!
 I thought it was pretty awesome graduation day was on Cinco De Mayo, so even though the ceremonies were over, the party didnt stop. duh.
After packing up my car and getting ready to move home, I spent a little time with my roommates. Got all sentimental and choked up over leaving. Never thought that would happen. But These girls are incredible, and all the friends i’ve met over the past 4 years have shaped who my my adult self has become. Its just what I needed, even through the days i hated this place, it was all preparing me to end up loving EVERY part of this Logan/Utah State/College experience. It is utterly inevitable. One of my really good friends always says, “if you don’t have fun at Utah State… its your own fault.” and Ain’t that the truth people.
So after I watched Logan get further and further out of my rear view mirror, and headed down to Salt Lake to attend a Cinco de Mayo party. The best one I’ve ever been to. One of my best friends Stew threw the party, and I’ve never known anyone to throw as successful parties as him. It was perfect. Even had a taco stand (ran by a random Mexican he had met the day before)  parked right on the lawn.
Matt Bury and Casey Allred. ran into a ton of Logan friends, which was perfect, so I could say goodbye.


 AND.. since I’ve been sucking at blogging lately, here’s a semi preview of the past couple weeks.
The weather got warmer, sooner this year, which was only the best blessing for my last year here. So we spent as much time outside as possible. And loved it.
My girl Emily Stolworthy came to visit me, it was perfect. We always keep it real.
Had some extra time to climb again with m good friend Casey. I missed it. And I love how close these routes are in the canyon. Definitely one of the #1 things i’ll miss about this places. Being able to drive 10 minutes and be here.
All these people lived within feet of me. I really didnt want to say goodbye.
Night before graduation making the rounds saying goodbye to people. This could easily sum-up my college experience. Bonfires. couches. good stories. friendships.
best hammock ever
And the Brandon Asay. This kid and i got way close this year. Taco Tuesdays, and random coke meet-ups on campus. Could always rely on his friendship.
Last Aggie Ice cream trip the night before graduation. Erin, Erik, Desi, and I
Last but not least, my saving grace this semester. DESI. This girl is my sister, my dance partner, workout partner, dinner partner, laugh partner, One Tree Hill partner, and many more. She was always there for me, even when she was dating someone or whatever… always was down to do anything!
That’s that. The best college. and the best friends a girl could ask for. 
On to the next adventure.
Class of 2012

3 thoughts on “Class of 2012

  1. Lori- this is so great. I couldn't think of a better person who has enjoyed and lived up every possible moment of her college career. Almost started crying (yes, embarrassing) at the end of your post just thinking about how many good times you have had. The great news though- there is so much more ahead (whoo!). Congrats congrats. I hope to see you sooner than later.


  2. Miss you already Lor! Utah state will be so weird without you there… so i think that instead of having weirdness you should just come back and get your graduate degree. Ok? Ok. Love you!


  3. Well, I DID cry 😉 I am so proud of you!! I want to be JUST like you when I grow up! You are the perfect combo of childlike-ness and adult-ness! I LOVE YOU LOTRU!!


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