Day 7 Kunst. Museum/Cafe Cenral/Mak Design Museum

 This morning we woke up to pouring rain!! Which is always a little more annoying while you are traveling. But lucky for us there are cathedrals at almost every corner, so we took a gander in a few here and there. Which no matter what, have the most lavish looking ceilings and ornate statues. There’s never nothing to look at, lets just put it that way.
 This St. Augustine Cathedral was one we happened to run into to get out of the rain for a minute.
 I really can’t comprehend how people sculpt like this. Its definitely a section of art I stay away from but should dive more into. Its absolutely insane how one does this.
 The next cathedral held a HUGE mosaic of the last supper. I’m sure its one we’ve all seen before. The coolest part of this is (for those who aren’t aware) that its a mosiac… which means its all made out of  little small colored glass or stone pieces to create one huge piece. Just incredible.
 Then to the Kunsthistorisches Museum. This is us, trying to stay motivated to go through the 500 rooms of paintings. That’s barely exaggerating.
 This precious old man has to get TOURIST OF THE DAY… only because he was just sitting there in the museum copying a painting. And doing a good job at that.. even though he may not even be a tourist. I’m just going to believe he was.
 loving that reflection.
 Another famous one you may recognize
 Suzanne Thain (Heather’s mom) insisted we go to this famous cafe for lunch, even though its more expensive then we wanted to pay. She also insisted on paying, she is way too nice to us.
 Cafe Central
we felt a little under dressed
 I basically got a ham and cheese sandwich with some interesting sauce you dip it in.
 Then we all shared this apple strudel thing. The mini pitcher was full of warm vanilla sauce. It was to.die.for.
mouth watering as I speak.
 Just the gang hangin out with our homegirl Sisi in the painting above us.
 Later that evening we went to the MAK.. a design museum. There was about 6 different rooms of different types of design like textile, architecture, etc.
Definitely remember this one from some art history class in school.
 There was a room full of pottery, and china type stuff.
 Then an architect model room, I took this for my pops, reminds me of some stuff he’s done in the past.
 Of course they had to throw in a Gustave Klimt in almost every museum. This one was the size of a wall.
 This was my favorite piece of the day. The 3D puff like paint I was in love with. Very Austrian. Gosh, just so lovely.
 mmmhmmm. just look at it.
 Gold is everywhere. Not complaining.
 Lastly, we hit up the MAK Design gift shop. Had the coolest books and uniquely designed things you can use around the house. One of  my favorites was a map that is non tear-able, and is water proof, and you can crumble it up and just open it back up and use it. I came really close to buying one for our future travels around Europe the upcoming weeks.
Going to the Design museums get me pretty excited to start designing when I get home. The fact that there is no limits when it comes to design, gets me all fuzzy inside. haha. Always constantly working on new things.. and creating things.. something from nothing. its great.
Well that was basically it for the day, Some days are more packed with museums like today. Which to me, are pretty interesting, to you may bore you, so sorry for that. Stay tuned for tomorrows bike ride through Austrian vineyards. can’t even wait folks.
Goodnight Europe.. Good afternoon America.
Day 7 Kunst. Museum/Cafe Cenral/Mak Design Museum

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