Day 11 Goodbye Vienna

 Spoiler alert.. today I just documented with the iPhone.. and it felt really good not to carry my camera bag around. The photos aren’t as great of quality, but you know what, my shoulders were pissed at me for lugging the camera around, so they needed a break for a day. Also i’ll be disappointing my father because he says I need to blog more.. but today will be just be my  
last day in Vienna according to my iphone.
 We decided to spent the last day in the center of Vienna, at Stephenplatz. It was super crowded because of a festival. I swear Europe has “once a year” epic festivals every day. It can’t just be irony that we keep coming across them. As we were roaming the streets, we came across a gelato place named Lori.. holler. So we had to stop. we just HAD to.
 We got lunch first because we were starved. you’re probably sick of the food photos, but I don’t because we finally found Mexican food, we had been CRAVING it for the past couple of days. And Alan was right, “Vienna has just what you need, just when you need it”… and we needed mexican. Oh hallelujah.
 we decided that everyone with the name Lori should get free gelato at this place.. the gelato dishers didn’t agree. but we tried.
 pistachio, black cherry, and cookie somethin’ or other.
 The best part of today was the fact that we feel comfortable enough with this place to just enjoy all that we’ve learned about it so far. Also to just enjoy the day and the street performers, and the food.
 I took enough photos of St. Stephens, I thought I would photo the building across the street that reflects a lot of the older buildings. It being a modern building itself, and not matching any of the surrounding, I found it intriguing. Also took this photo for Catherina, because she loves this building.
 Then we were referred to the
‘Best burgers in Vienna’ by our new friends Fabien and Flo.
So we went to Smokey’s for dinner. It really was quite delicious. Judge us for getting American food in Europe..
 It was worth it. trust me.
 The last supper in Vienna
 The canal life is pretty hoppin, we had no idea. The fake beach, gets me everytime. lol
Fabian and Flo joined us for dinner, which was fantastic so we could see them again before we leave. I could talk to them for days, even though they make fun of how we say Justin Bieber .. because they say it like Justin Biebuh. Great guys.
 The day was perfect. It was relaxing and reminiscent.
Now I may get a little choked up talking about this, jk  but I love this place. Vienna is different from the other places i’ve visited because its just so livable, I genuinely already feel at home here. The local transportation is perfect, and can take you anywhere, anytime of the day or night.
I sense it won’t be the last time I come here.
Going to Budapest tomorrow. Lets do this thing.
Day 11 Goodbye Vienna

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