Day 12 Buda*pest

 Welcome to the hood… of Budapest. First fun fact of the day:
 Budapest is actually two places.
Buda and Pest. 
Pronounced ‘Pesht’. I’m sure you all just assumed that it was one place, like me. Buda is on one side of the Danube River, and Pest on the other. Whenever we arrive in a unfamiliar country, its stressful to figure out where to go, but once you feel it out for a couple hours you can finally start having fun.
 Kaitlyn acting like she’s in an Americas next top Model photoshoot, because it would totally be something they would do, take photos on a sketchy subway in Hungary.
 makeupless.. we had to wake up at 6, so it wasn’t going to happen.
 We finally found our loft our professor booked, and it was way cooler than we were exepecting. We love it!
 It was WAY more spacious than our last hostel.. which could have been mistaken as a closet. But we do miss our charming hostel in Vienna.
 BUT, i’m definitely not complaining about our veranda/balcony/patio .. its lovely.
 And this is our view from the balcony. Today and tomorrow are Holidays here in Hungary, so people are still on the streets partying and its 12:15 at night and It doesn’t seem like its stopping.
 So much space. Loving it! too bad its only 2 days.
 So as most tours begin we meet at a famous Cathedral in the center of the town. In this case we met by St. Stephen’s Basilica, named after the first King after they became country wide Roman Catholics.
 Its crazy how much time and detail was put into architecture, streets, etc back in the day. I feel like these days we just building with the cheapest, quickest materials to build with, then stucco over it and call it good. I appreciate how careful and symbolic decor was thousands of years ago.
 We got a snack at a cafe called Californing Coffee Company near by and me and Kaitlyn split the best grilled sandwich thing ever.
 Then we met our awesome tour guide Andre. He was fantastic, and animated with his stories and really enthusiastic about Budapest. Not to mention he rocked a shirt with the kiddos from Nightmare before Christmas on it. automatic bonus points.
From the front of St. Stephens Basilica
 This was looking from Pest over the Danube into Buda.
Buda is generally the more classy and expensive place to live. It carries more of the buildings dealing with the government and other important people/stuff like that.
 we got to walk over to Buda on a bridge.
 It was way more beautiful here than what I was expecting.
 Doesn’t that car just scream Europe?… it does to me.
 And then the view from Buda looking at Pest.
 I ran into Eddie.. from Frasier. during our tour.
i thought he died.
This building was actually where the Katy Perry Fireworks video was filmed. I was fascinated by this and was trying to find where the balcony was that she has fireworks shoot out of her boobs. Couldn’t find it.
 Nicole has perfect Asian thick, long and shiny hair.
To end our first night here in Budapest we went to probably the best restaurant we’ve been to while in Europe. We loved every dish if I recall.  Mine was basically tomatoes, chicken, feta and potatoes. It rocked, we might go back tomorrow, and I may get the same thing.
Well, i’m literally falling asleep on the keyboard which in return types something like , “bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….” depending on which letter my forehead rests on. So I must go, but tomorrow I hope to be rested more. I have to be ready for the local baths we’re swimming in.
Day 12 Buda*pest

3 thoughts on “Day 12 Buda*pest

  1. I am loving the enthusiasm you have for each country and culture you encounter!! I'm so glad you're having this experience…. What a special time for you, it's something you will never forget! Love you!


  2. As always, loved the post.
    Remember, however, that all that marvelous art and architecture was built for a monarch by slaves/servants/peasants for board and room, at best. One chief, everybody else, Indians. Think Egyptian Pyramids/10 Commandments/Moses/the lady getting run over by the big stone. The king lived in the nice castle; the goats ate the shack the workers lived in.
    Keep up the good work, have fun, stay OUT of the baths. Go see art.


  3. Ok each town you go to your guide gets a tad bit better looking than the last. What is up with that? That city looked fascinating . Love the color of the buildings. Your hotel is so nice and very clean love it to. Have so much fun for all of us the blog is great we love all the pictures


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