Day 13 Budapest Baths

 I woke up today not even thinking that is was Memorial day in America. So first things first, Happy Memorial Day, and a thanks to all those who serve our lovely country, to make it how it is today.
Now, today, our only full day in Budapest ended up being perfect and relaxing. We went to the famous baths here in Pest. Which, were basically a public pool. I’ve seen way more nasty of water working for the City of North Las Vegas Aquatics. now those pool are woof … sometimes.  I didn’t really bring my camera around the water today so these are photos stolen from my fellow classmates on the trip. Thanks to them.
 There were indoor baths and outdoor baths. The indoor ones had such an awful smell to me. I can’t pin point what they smelt like… but I couldn’t handle it. oooohhh man, it was awful. And for some reason it didn’t phase anyone else. But the weather was decent so why not catch some rays today. Bless you summer time, you are my season.
 Outside there were three big baths, all for different purposes. One was like luke warm with a whirlpool circle in the middle, a lap swimming one, and then a warmer one.
 Its the perfect hang out for ALL ages. I loved that they were playing chess.. they were there for hours
 I caught this photo, only because this was probably 75% of all the men. speedos… pot belly.. only one thing is missing, most of them were a lot more hairy.
 The Asian crew all had the blue towels, they have to know where they all are, at all times.
 thats cute. Too bad its no longer 1983 homegirl.. they do make suits that don’t ride up over your hip bones.
oh and dont miss out on the belly that snuck into the photo frame on the right. Total. Accident.
 The lovely Kaitlyn
 Yeahh, basically looks like a public pool, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I really have missed swimming. I wasn’t used to having statues surrounding the pool, so that aspect felt very European. And at times I couldn’t help but watch the water around me.
Always needed to scan the water for distressed/active and/or passive swimmers. And I may have accidentally told some kid to not run. oops.
 Nicole and Kaitlyn, while Kaitlyn points at a couple in the pool that were mackin. Still overwhelmed with the number of lovers in Europe. Makes us all want boyfriends.
We disgust me.
 Before walking out to the baths
After a long day in the sun and after a short session in the sauna (which i loved) we were starved, as always by the end of the day. We skip meals, and never keep track of when we should eat. We found an authentic Hungarian restaurant and devoured some grub. I didn’t even have a second to take a photo of my dish, tooo hungry. Its the truth man, I’m more
tomorrow we move to Prague. I have really high hopes for this location, only heard the best about it.
See you in the Czech.
Day 13 Budapest Baths

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