Day 14 Train to Prague

 Excuse the poor quality of this post. But today was an in between day. We took a 7 hour train straight from Budapest to Prague. And there was a whole lot of this going on. In and out of sleep and a lot of heads bobbing. Which makes us have kinked necks now. But It was kind of nice to have a day to just sit finally.
 When we arrived, we headed to a local restaurant where we sat on sheep fur and the menu was basically just slabs of meat. Felt a lot like an Irish pub.
There was a band serenading the restaurant almost the whole time. A group of Italians in the corner loved it especially, they sang along to a lot of the songs.
 I feel like people here eat way too much bread, and i’m not even that much of a bread lover, I had to get some veggies. I ordered the mixed salad, which had no normal lettuce at all. It consisted of tomatoes, red & orange peppers, cabbage and cucumbers… it was heaven. Finally no more bread, bleh. I needed a body cleanse.
 Our all time favorite part of the night was when people actually got up and started dancing to the band.. before you know it, there was like 10 people breakin it down out there. We all were looking at eachother saying, “is this really happening, is this real life?” They were all over the age of 40 just about, I loved it.
 We couldn’t stop looking at them. It was the most entertaining dinner, because everyone in the whole place was involved, clapping, laughing or dancing. It was great.
 If you kept walking down this path for a bit, then you would hit the restaurant, it was way tucked back, It was definitely a local place to eat, no one has to know about it unless they were shown it.
 Das Loris.
This is the 4th time i’ve seen my name around.. Europe loves me.
Lastly, the old folk dancing.
That’s basically all we did for the day yesterday, a well needed restful day, even thought traveling by train for that many hours still exhausts you. Pumped for Prague, only heard the best about it.
Day 14 Train to Prague

2 thoughts on “Day 14 Train to Prague

  1. The chow hall looked like fun; I can't believe you especially did not ask to join the dancing. I mean, you had no trouble joining in the slack-lining in Vienna. Think what awesome photos you would have been able to post, with you shaking a leg with the old folk.


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