Day 15 Prague by day and night

 Prague is known to be peoples favorite place in Europe. I wasn’t really sure why, but I was ready to see why today. We got into old town at around 11. (they call basically the center and/or oldest part of European towns “old town” usually.. thats what i’ve compiled the past couple weeks. Its a good way to remember directions, when you base things around where the Old town is). We were dragging along, waking up gets harder everyday. But we know if we push through we’ll get hyped with every new thing we encounter.
 so, of course we hopped in with a group for a free tour. The same company as the tour in Budapest, also did one here, so we decided to be loyal tourists to them. This one was 3 hours long, which is a little long for our taste, but it helped us to get pointed in the direction of the major places we wanted to see.
There was an LDS couple from Provo in our tour group that have been living in Munich the past year. We ended up chatting with them for a bit, and they heard we were from Utah State, and the wife automatically said, “oh you’re Aggies!” I don’t know why, but I LOVE when people say that. Its true, the pride is implanted in us, and we’re aggies for life, and everyone, even people in Prague, know it.
 I’ve said this one, and i’ll say it again, I want dreeeeeaaaaadddds.
If only I didnt have to shave my head after. There’s so many dread people in Europe, makes me want to do it even more.
 The Astronomical Clock.
It has the day, time, even the horoscopes according to the time of the year. Its lovely.
 Kinda stalked this wedding today for a minute. What would it be like to have your wedding photos taken through the cobble stoned streets of Prague. Talk about the dream. sheesh.
 The beautiful Aussi in our tour group. Cool cat.
 Heather and I. little meow.
 At one end of the Charles Bridge to the other side of Prague across the Danube River.
famous bridge.
 We saw so many people like this today. I don’t really understand why they kneel with their head down like this, but we saw a TON of them doing the same position today, not one of them looking up ever.
 This bridge was the hot spot of the day, it was packed! And like 10 stands of people doing caricature drawings for people, along with rows of souvenir stands, along the bridge. I wish it was completely empty and it was just me doing cartwheels, but i’m sure only Steven Spielberg could get something like that to happen for an action scene in a movie. Or maybe Nicholas Sparks for a kiss in the rain in a love scene in one of his books remade into a movie.
 I still seemed to elbow my way through the crowd to catch a shot without the top of peoples heads creepin in.
 There were statues all along the sides of the bridge.. when we walked up to this one, there was a line of people waiting to rub this part of the statue, as you can see its the only gold/clean part. They would sit and rub it for a good minute. Our guide told us that they believe that if you rub it, you will return to Prague.. and on the other side there was a gold dog and when rubbed it will help you find the love of your life. I thought about rubbing both of them, because I would really like both of those things to come true, but I really wasn’t digging the idea of getting a disease from the thousands of people who rub it a day in the process. no thanks.
 Me accepting the fact that I’m the least photogenic person alive, its fine.
 Stevie, Heather, Me, Kaitlyn, Katie, and Nicole.
 The old lady.. oh boy.
This lady actually has a story behind her.
As our tour guide was rambling about Baroque architecture I start to hear snickering behind me from people in the group, so I turn my head and this lady is poking this kid in our tour with her cane .. just kept jabbing at him over and over, then grabs his stomache. It was the weirdest thing. Then she walks over and grabs a water bottle out of the Aussi’s hand, and with a surprised face says, “uh, you can have it. “The whole time she just has this smart grin on her face, as if she was just messin around with everyone. I kid you not, she was as tall as my hips. And only the tour guide could speak to her so she said something, and got the water bottle back from her, and sort of nicely shewed her away. The lady never uttered a word, just got some kind of humor out of messing with almost our whole group. I guess earlier she was grabbing peoples arms for no reason. Old people, they can get away with anything.
 The beginning of baseball.
 Homeboy looks like Ryan Gosling, eh?
 The red roofs were a good change of scene from the rest of our trip so far.
 There were performers everywhere.
 We’re always starved by lunch time, although we did go on a 3 hour walking tour, which DRAINS YA! I hadn’t really had much pasta yet, and only found it appropriate, since i’m nearish to Italy. Tortellini with tomato cream sauce.
 We ate outside in delicious weather.
 We walked into a building, thinking it was the metro station, but soon found out it was just the local library, and I now have a brilliant idea as to what we can do with all my fathers books, make a massive sculpture. yes, great idea.
 I thought it was really fascinating.
 We went back to the place we’re staying for a couple hours to recoop before we went out for the night, because we have heard Prague is phenomenal at night.. So we got back out there right as the sun was setting. Bless our perfect timing.
 We got to go by the Dancing House. A famous building designed by the Canadian-American Architect, Frank Gehry. I remember seeing this in my interior design classes freshmen year of college before I changed over to Graphic Design. I always loved it.
 We caught it at an interesting time of the evening, when the lights were turned on around it, but the sun wasn’t set completely yet. It was originally called Fred and Ginger after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Initially to resemble a pair of dancers, with the curvy female on the left and the obvious square-like male on the right. Just Beautiful.
 I couldn’t believe this was real life.
 We happen to be fortunate enough to catch the bridge when the sky was still pink. I couldn’t seem to indulge enough. It was just breath taking.
 We basically sat there waiting for the sun to go down, and seeing all the transitions the city goes through at dusk.
 The lights slowing began to come on.
 loving the bokeh of the city.
(bokeh being when the lights are simplified into just circles when its not in focus)
 Prague is known for its night life in a sense, and we really began to see that, as we were about to head home, everyone was just getting started with their nights.
 Couldn’t have asked for better weather with any better of a view and atmosphere.
 And the bridge lights came on eventually and added a whole new effect to the view.
And the night life began.
This city will be on my list of places to return to. It has such history that I had no idea. We learned today that in the Old town square, there are 10 centuries worth of architecture in just that square alone. I’ve always been a history guru, so I love to devour these old cities and the history they hold. Something America just doesn’t have yet.
Day 15 Prague by day and night

2 thoughts on “Day 15 Prague by day and night

  1. Love the book idea; I'll have to pick up a few more, though, it looks like. . .
    When/if you decide to come home, we'll have to go check out the Anasazi and the Cliff-dweller sites; they are probably 10 centuries old.
    Sorry you had to leave boring old Las Vegas and go clear to Europe to find a city with some night life.
    Most people I know would LOVE to be as non-photogenic as you are!
    Loved it all,


  2. I love the Fred ester and ginger Rogers building way cool,you do know w ho they are right? That book statue was amazing yes a perfect thing for dads books there could be a Jane austin section and he would love it.
    Love all the pictures but I have missed your tourist of the day and you children pics they are so cute. The bridge was cool too does any of these places remind you of twilight yes? Love you baby girl you are coming home because you love us right?


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