Day 16 Last Day in Prague

 Today was our last day here in Prague. Tear.. because we loved it here. Today was completely different than yesterday too, it offers so much variety of things to do. We got our museum on by going to an INCREDIBLE  
Mucha exhibit:
We weren’t able to take photos inside, but his work looks similar to above.
An Art Nouveau GENIUS. He’s in my top 5 favorite dead artists list. A lot of the work that was displayed were his lithographs, some that were as tall as a wall. The detail and patterning he has, swoon. You better believe i’m bringing home a few posters.
 Mucha was also an interior/exterior designer as well as much more. After the museum we went to a building he designed.. as you can see displays his same style.
 After drewling over Mucha and his brilliance we went to the Hard Rock Cafe here in Prague. I love saying that. The coke had ICE AND FREE REFILLS. We haven’t got that once here yet. As well as had great music videos and made us feel at home. Seriously felt like we walked into Amurrrrica for about an hour, we luuuhhhhh Amurica….. And our ice and free refills.
 I’m forewarning you, we had a lot of photoshoots today.
 Heather (far right in green): “lets not jump and say we did”
favorite photo of the day.

 after lunch we sorta got lost for a minute, while we looked for the John Lennon wall as they call it
 But don’t worry we found more slack liners at a park we came across. officially slacklined in 3 countries. The count is on.
some things are just pure bliss..
 At this same park it runs right along the river, and last night when were out and about we saw a row of yellow lights in the distance from the other side of the river… today we found out they were actual little light-up penguin guys.
 WAY cooler than just lights.
the park had some interesting sculptures hanging around that were smoother than a babies bottom
Finally, after walking a couple circles right around the wall, we found it. Apparently there used to be a huge John Lennon face spray painted on this wall, it has been covered by other peoples graffiti since then, which is a pity, but it still had some interesting tags.
 love me some California pride.
 and quotes that people put on walls.
Some were good oldies by Anne Frank and other awesomes,
 others were stupid ones I wanted to scratch off with sharpie because it ruined the essence of the wall.
 uh.. LSU are you there? Geaux Tigers. This ones for the Phenalds and Rotolos. Notice the size of this eye compared to the homeless guy. Huge in the middle of this wall… in the Czech Republic LSU is being repped. I wish i could say i did this lovely piece, but someone beat me to it;D
 We weren’t meaning to seem total hippy today, it was just being handed to us.
So we had to roll with it.
 cheesy dreamer jump.
 we like eachother.. and this wall.
We also like Charles Bridge. Really awesome place to see both sides of Prague… and its awesome to do our friend Charles Steadman’s hand sign on this bridge, so he can see how much we like him too.
Gosh, Prague has a place in my heart too. We just get comfortable with the public transportation then have to leave. But Prague lived up to its expectations.  When you come to Europe, GO.TO.PRAGUE.
You’ll end up telling your grand kids about it.
Day 16 Last Day in Prague

2 thoughts on “Day 16 Last Day in Prague

  1. Heck ya!!! Geaux Tigers! This is probably my favorite post so far, and not because of the shout out, because of the pure joy on your face in just about every picture!! Sure do love you!!


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