Day 17 St. Wolfgang hike

 Sorry I’ve been MIA as of late.. I’ve been somewhat of a mountain women the past couple of days. Okay maybe not that hardcore, but moved to a hostel here in St. Giligen, Austria. Its basically near where The Sound of Music was filmed. Don’t worry we’ve streamed it and watched it the past couple of nights, just to get in the spirit of Lederhosen, and Adelvice. The first full day we were here the group split up. Most of them taking the ferry around the lake of St. Giligen, while two others and I geared up to hike over a huge mountain to St. Wolfgang (a neighboring town).
special thanks to kaitlyn for letting us use her camera on this hike so I didn’t have to carry the big guy.
 Why wouldn’t you want to hike while you are in these mountains. Now I can say that I’ve hiked in the Alps two times.. doing two different pilgrimages. Be jealous. ha
 We were told it was a steep hike but in our heads we thought, yeahhh pssshht, we got this.
 It got WAYYY steep. This picture doesn’t show the steepness. I don’t even think i could catch my breath for a second to take a picture of how steep it was.
 Okay it may not have been that bad, but it got intense at parts. The view and the fresh air made it all so worth while.
 We weren’t the only ones on this trek. We ran into a pretty large group of older people. From the ages of 40-70 I bet.
 This is at the top of the steepest of parts. It was called the cave church, along with other names. There is an actual cave inside, as well as chairs for mass, and other things. There was also a book that we signed and were the only English speakers that wrote in the book so far. I checked.
 Sorry its sideways, I’m not skilled as a filmer. BUT, I am skilled at looking like a hot mess on this trip. props to me. Here is where we ring a bell to have good luck. And to make a wish.
 This is right after we got through the thick of the trees and were looking down into St. Wolfgang.
I love saying wolfgang.. its a great combination of worlds. The Austrian’s knew what was up when they named this place.
 yeah yeah, it looks like i’m falling asleep. I just look like that sometimes.
 I have never seen a salamander before.. this guy was walking right across the trail, we all got super excited to see him, but it was hard to get a photo that wasn’t blurry. He was a fast little mister.
 self timer.
 The end of the hike, opened up into this.. of course, there are meadows just like this one, everywhere. I just wish we knew which one Julie Andrews pranced through.
 ya, i don’t know.
 we’re getting pretty good at capturing the cheesy jump shots.
 Wolfgang locals love us. They also love beer.
 We then just walked through the town looking for where the ferry could pick us up.
 I don’t think we’ve ever been so creepy.
 We walked right into and it was perfect. Our pilgrimage was over and we were feeling pretty grand.
The ferry ride was nice to sit back and see how far we had actually hiked, which looked SO long and rough, but we enjoyed basically all of it. So did the Asian tourist that was taking photos from her iPad next to us on the ferry. Later in the day we went to get some food and ran into what we thought was a local wedding, because we think the whole town was there, and half of the wedding party was dressed up in their lederhosen (which fyi, is way less rare to see than we thought) we see these outfits everyday. Its wonderful. I wish America had an authentic outfit we all wore for special events. And no, a wife-beater with overalls doesn’t count.
Day 17 St. Wolfgang hike

2 thoughts on “Day 17 St. Wolfgang hike

  1. I agree with Chan, I've checking this blog like 5 or 6 times a day waiting for your next post! It looks beautiful!!! Glad you're having fun. Was it as hard as Wheeler? Love you! See you soon!


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