Day 18 Halstatt

 I guess I should show you where we are staying here in St. Giligen. This is a photo I took off our balcony this morning. Now lift your jaw off the ground and accept how wonderful it is, because I’m not even used to it yet. I bet the locals aren’t even used to this view and how incredible their lives are. Today we took a bus, train, then ferry to our destination of Halstatt. That alone should tell  you how secluded this place is. Which is the beauty of its appeal.
 The ferry picked us up after the bus and train ride.
 Halstatt is basically a town that is built into this mountain, and is famous for its Salt mines. Also, there are many parts of the lake that no one knows how deep it gets. Comforting right? I was also informed that the Nazi’s hid some things in it, and supposedly some stuff are still there today. Somewhere.
 This guy is TOURIST OF THE DAY,
because he specifically leaned out of this shot, so I could get the scenery behind him, even though I was intentional trying to photograph him, and he had a really adorable British accent.
 Some more breathtaking water. Its just too fascinating that these exist. A glacier lake with a whole town built along it.
 We roamed around the town enjoying the Sunday lederhosen, and stencil art. We’re almost 100% sure this is Chuck Norris, because people in Eastern Europe LOVE him. We haven’t exactly found out why they love him so much, all we’ve compiled is that Walker Texas Ranger is one of the only shows they play on local t.v. here all the time, and in Slovakia they’re contemplating naming a bridge after him. I just don’t get it yet.
 Some of us decided to rent a motor boat and see our way around this place, on the water.
 Kaitlyn and I
 We couldn’t help but thinking that the loch ness monster resided here. At any moment we could imagine a massive snake-like creature the size of a sky scraper coming up from the never ending depths of this body of water and devouring our little row boat like a sunflower seed.
 we had to stop thinking about it.
 A castle on the other side of the water.
 It felt so tropical because of how green it was.
 We got some lunch/dinner after our watery adventure. This little pooch could be the second Tourist of the day.. he’d been partying so hard he past out.
 I genuinely never wanted to stop looking at this view.
Pure bliss. I love it when i’m reminded that its summer finally. I’ve been really enjoying our mountain excursions the past couple of days. Its nice to get out of the city areas of traveling and away from the crowds.  
The Alps is the perfect place to do just that. 
until next time…
Day 18 Halstatt

2 thoughts on “Day 18 Halstatt

  1. I love that you are having such a good time…but come home already 😉 America misses you, but not as much as me, that could be because I know you're going to be gone for almost an entire month more!! Love you, baby sister!


  2. Yes we are excited for you to come home but I am glad you are having the time of your life for all of us. Glad you back on the blog run love all the pictures. I have to agree with you the countryside is beautiful the hike looked like a mount wheeler hike was it?


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