Day 19 Salzburg & Last day in Austria

 I guess its about time to wrap up my time in Austria once and for ….. well, until I come back.
And there’s no better way to do this, then to get dumped on all day. yeah remember that really beautiful photo from our balcony, well this is what today was like, basically ALL day. Bummer right? We learned how to deal, and just went into Salzburg for some of the day, til we realized that there wasn’t much to do while it was raining this much.
 We hit up Marbel Gardens. Which are obviously famous for being the stomping grounds to the
Do Re Mi song from Sound of Music.
 It doesn’t look like it was raining, but I promise you it was a constant rain. I didn’t even care that i looked like a noob all day. And for some reason i’ve been putting off buying an umbrella for weeks. So I decided to just poncho myself for the day. I couldn’t believe I was on the same steps as the Von Trapps. We started singin and jumping step to step like on the movie and old people around us started laughing. For some reason The Sound of Music is like the Olympics.. the whole world has an appreciation for it .. it seems that way at least.
 And then you can’t forget when they run and prance through the archway right? We did that too.
After we roamed, pranced, and sung through the gardens we stopped for lunch, then decided to head back to St. Gilgen for the night and pack for the rest of our Europe rendezvous. We all broke apart from each other the next day, most of the group going back to Vienna, where they parted ways from there; some to Sweden, some to Utah, one to even China. Both Kaitlyn’s and I headed to Italy.
Austria forever and always will have a place in my heart.
The cleanliness, the charming lederhosen way of life they still actually live.
I sense I’ll be back in the future. Especially to Vienna… 
my third home.
Day 19 Salzburg & Last day in Austria

2 thoughts on “Day 19 Salzburg & Last day in Austria

  1. Loved loved it must have given you goose bumps to be on and see those steps in the sound of music but I really think there is another picture you have taken that is in that same song in the sisi castle, can't wait for you to meet the vianis now I hope you have a good time there. I do want you to make friends with the old ladies in the town square there ok it would be a great experience. Catherinas grandmother sounds so funny too be kind to her she would love it, she loves attention and you will be a friend for life ha ha. Make sure you thank the vianis all the time her mom sent us gifts so very gracious make sure you thank her for your stay. Great experiences love you tons &tons! Next time you go dad and I are going for sure I even thought it would be fun to move there for a couple of years won t happen but sounds like an adventure….;)


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