Isola Palmaria

 Go to an Island.. check.
We’ve been waiting for prime weather, and we were given it today. Martina and I took a boat to an Island named Palmaria.  
Isola Palmaria (Isola= Island). I’ve never been to an Island, at least not one that I could walk from one side to the next in a couple hours maybe. I consider it a first.
 my lifes rough.
 I instantly insisted that this is the bat boat. Instead of the batmobile, this is what Batman cruises on. It has to be.
 I just think homes built into a hill and or mountain are so lovely. Not to mention the coast is at the bottom of this hill, makes it lovelier.
 Martina is so beautiful, and so patient with me and the language difference.
 The edge of the Island.
 The view from the Island across the narrow part of water looking upon Portvenere.
 Then my view for about 5 hours, Not complaining.
 Here you see the castle church Lorenzo and I went to in my last post.
 Okay so heres the thing, Birkenstocks are going to come back into style in America starting right when i return. Best shoes ever. I don’t know why they ever went out. I mean, sure, you’re mom may have worn them in the 80s, but where the poop did they go after that. Well i’ll tell you they became a craze here in Europe. So Its going to happen. Just you watch America.
 They were a birthday gift from Martina and Matteo.
 The San Fransisco of Italy
 see through your lashes
 the sky almost looks gray huh
 mmm, within time locals have beef jerky skin. sexy.
 It was about time to get in the aqua. Homegirl was getting fried.
 The rocks at the bottom of the shallow part jacked up my feet, and when I returned found a couple blood part.  I had to sacrifice for the photo. worthit.
 Martina was my photographer for my Little Mermaid idea.
 Which backfired quickly because I totally slipped and almost busted my head on this perfectly slanted rock. It was screaming my name out there in the middle of the ‘canal’ i guess you could say.
 It was also that birds home, he was eating a fish on it when I arrived, right next to a huge puddle of white poo he had mustered up for my present. bless you birdy.
To finish off the day, we went to a local pub in the center of La Spezia and watched some of the
Italy vs. Croatia futball game with Lorenzo and his friends. I love when locals get into their sport with their team. Theres really nothing like it. Reminds me of game nights at Buffalo Wild Wings back home.
I have said many times that the coast is for me. And I really think that I was made for the beach, pools, water, and sun. etc.
Such a perfect day, hope I don’t feel the burn of my red skin tomorrow.
Isola Palmaria

3 thoughts on “Isola Palmaria

  1. oookay, i've been trying to get birkenstocks back for the longest time now!! My parents never stopped wearing them and I love that about them. Lori I want your life this looks amazing!


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