Cathe’s arrival back to Italy

 The day has arrived. Catherina flew into Pisa from Vegas. After the longest flights of her life, she came out of the airport with a smile on her face and ready to be my personal translator. Hallelujah.
She survived..
 …The USA.
Its hard to do, i know.
 Love this girl.
 Her brother and I came in one car, and as you may know, Europeans are speed demons, so we got there a little earlier than the rest of the party, but they were only seconds behind.
 And got the sign out just in time for the rest of the airport to see it, and make it super embarrassing;D just kidding, it was awesome!
 Momma got the first hug.
 And her best friend Kerre (sp?)… whom I love now as well. She’s the sweetest, and let me ride on the back of her vespa when we went out that night
 The whole group!
 Then the whole group with me.
 You could tell she was excited to speak Italian again with everyone. What a lovely language.
bucket list of mine: learn Italian.
 adorable best friend.
 When we arrived at Catherina’s home, her friends threw her a surprise get together party.
 She had no idea, success.
 Her mother slaved over all this authentic food for almost 24 hours. That woman is a saint. Its the truth. They iron every piece of fabric in the house. Even the bed sheets and underwear. I kid you not. totally besides the point, but that popped in my mind.
 La Spezia is known for providing these oysters guys. They’re popular because of how close to the coast they live.
 Always working, I don’t think she ever sits down.
 The party was a success and it seemed like everyone had a good time. When the friends left, the fam got their gifts from Vegas. They loved em!
 Grandma wanted to make sure it looked like she was kissing the camera when I took this. They were so grateful for the gifts!
We didn’t waste time and went to the beach later that day, and then today again.
 we were happy to have her back in our lives. And I love knowing the conversations the fam has in Italian now. Thanks to my translator. She gets translator of the year, easily.
I can’t believe this trip has to end, I DON’T WANT IT TO.
Loving it all. This is a rad country, and i can’t wait to come back, even though I haven’t left yet.
The Viani’s can’t even know how much i’m loving everyday. Even just doing their everyday life things are so fascinating to me. I could live here. The first thing I’d have to get used to is how stinking narrow the streets are, I constantly have my own brake pedal on the passenger side, and cover my eyes at least 5 times a drive because I think we’re goners.
Things to do when i get back to America:
-get a Vespa (to save money on gas of course)
-get fresh mozzarella
-start watching more Soccer (futbol)
more to come…
Cathe’s arrival back to Italy

2 thoughts on “Cathe’s arrival back to Italy

  1. Glad everything worked out so well! Cathe can't know how much we loved her, and loved having her in our family. Please tell her family from us how special (almost Truman-like) their daughter is.


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