Milano Roadtrip

Two of the Viani women and I took a two hour roadtrip to the city if Milan yesterday.  After getting a little lost looking for a ladies house that was selling Sonia some tables, we made it to the center of the city to the Duomo. The most famous cathedral in Milan. For obvious reasons I’m sure, because its a beauty.. and since this is the fashion city of the world, there was incredible shopping all around the center.
 I was expecting it to look a lot dirtier for some reason, from seeing past photos of the duomo.
 Inside the Duomo.
 These were sculpted into the door of the cathedral.
i’m a germaphobe when it comes to them. is that bad? I’m not like the bird lady on Home Alone.
 Europe, could you please do me a solid, and get rid of your overload of cigarettes? its a sick habit, and makes these beautiful landmarks difficult to walk around when I’m constantly walking through a casino….. outside. 
Its just not cute, no matter what age you are. quit it.
p.s. for you high schoolers that already smoke a pack a day, I fear for your lungs in the future.
 This definitely happened. This was for my homegirl Kaitlyn whom i was traveling with before…. just in case she didnt get the opportunity to add Italy on the list of places shes ate Mcdonalds. Its so much more delicious here then in the states.
 I WISH i was here for the finals.
 easily could be the best photo of us.
 Its pretty cool to be able to travel by car trough Italy. To go on the highway and stuff, instead of just using trains. Unfortunately on our way home we got a flat. what are the odds.
 This is wonder woman. She can do everything. The tire went flat so she pulled over and with a calm attitude she quickly got her orange vest out (which i learned you have to have when you’re out of the car on the highway). It was about 10:30 at night.. homegirl changed a tire basically by herself,
She’s such a champ.
She likes to do things herself, and her way, so we attempted to sort of help, but she scolded us to get back so we weren’t in danger of the cars passing. She’s extremely selfless, and would do anything for the people she cares about. I adore her. Within time, and with a little help from the highway patrol, we made it home after a long HOT day in Milan. Still an eventful and great day.
Apparently this week is he hottest week in Italy this year.
Rome was the hottest its been in 200 years today. woah. The news informed us of that.
 Sounds like I’ll be at the beach this week then.
Milano Roadtrip

2 thoughts on “Milano Roadtrip

  1. So yes, I am being the person that comments twice in a row. Not to be confused with those who like their own facebook status. But I just saw my shout-out! What up?! I saw you splurged and went for the ketchup- atta girl! Fear not, the golden arches in the train station in Rome became our BF during our stay. Current MD count? 12. MISSION. ACCOMPLISHED.
    ps- Welcome back to the states!


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