Goodbye Europe.. see you in an unknown number of months

 Our second day boating was equally as stupendous as the first. All I know is I was getting sad that my goodbyes were getting close. These people are just too good to me to leave this place.
 We got a little crazy with the photography today. Lorenzo even had a sealable pouch made to put your iphone in, so we could take underwater photos.
 This girl be pazza. But I love her.
 We played some cards… which seems to be mandatory while near water of any kind.
As the amazing tour guides they are.. they took me to see another Island near where they live. I feel so honored going to these places, because I feel like its a rare occurrence that a tourist (like myself) gets to see these wonderful places.
This is Tino Island.
 This statue is right next to Tino Island and was purposefully placed there so ships won’t hit a wall that naturally stands below the water.
 All along this island there are many little caves that have light blue (azzurra) water in them. Just beautiful.
My final day we spent to Corniglia and finally got to go swimming there. The first day I went there the water was too choppy and dangerous. Did a little cliff jumping while we were at it.
 Lorenzo jumping.. In his new Italia swim shorts he had to purchase there, because he forgot his.
I’m always scared as poo before I jump, but its always easier than I think, and then I like it.
 And after a little while of coaxing, Cathe took the first leap of the summer.
Our last photos together. Basically feels like family now.
 I’m afraid I will forever compare every other coast to this coast. Official last photo together.
And now for some bloopers and/or photos I never posted from the past couple weeks I was meaning to.
 I’m sure Matteo was saying some smart remark, (Cathe laughed at everything he said)… and my face was most likely a mixture of confusion because it was in Italian, and also me knowing it was something humorous.
 I’m not sure whats going on here.. but its funny
 The beautiful Martina and I walking the coast at night..
 …with Lorenzo and Matteo.
That night we went to a huge local pot lock type dinner. Everything Seafood.
I never know how to wrap up one of these trips on here. In a nut shell traveling is for everyone, and it changes everyone. You learn more about yourself, and your desires than in ANY other setting. You get more addicted to going places.. but most of all you will never be the same after these places.
 If I should be so bold to say, you become a better version of yourself.
And since I can’t seem to muster up the verbiage to end this in the perfect way, I guess I’ll just say goodbye til my next trip, which should be sooner than later.
 I’m holding my breath.
Goodbye Europe.. see you in an unknown number of months

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