Hawaii cliffs and snorkeling.

 This morning we woke up and headed across the island to some cliff jumping. A place called spitting caves. Which you can only jump if the water isn’t too choppy, if you don’t want to die. Just kidding, but we happened to be there on a good day where the water was on the more calm side. Not very comforting still. haha
 i mean .. who gets to live here?!?! Its just nor fair. I bet its Ushers winter house.
 first to go was a girl we didn’t know.
 .. then the boys in our group stood there gaining the courage to do it since a girl could do it.
Pugmire of course of the first to try it.

After some cliff jumping we headed to a great snorkeling place. This was the cooooolest… paid about $7.50 to go to the bay area where there is alot of sea life. The goal was to see a sea turtle, but we never did. The colorful fish were pretty incredible though, and were way close to our faces.

we got a little creative in our sand sculptures. Isn’t this hilarious?
 We had to lend alot of it to this girl Quinn that started snorkeling with us. She traveled here alone from Portland, so she spent the afternoon with us, and was the brains of the people sand sculptures.
She had this tattoo on her arm that means “away from home” (technically “away from cities”) but i thought it was really rad tattoo, along with stories of some of her travels.
 Someone thought it was a good idea to attempt a pyramid with the group.. are side of the only one that stayed up, the other half fell, some face planted and ate some delicious sand. ha
 This was my first time snorkeling, and it won’t be my last! Ever tropical place I go to from now on i gotta do it, next time i WILL find a sea turtle, and make it my friend.
 This is only like half of the group that came from Utah State. Another 15 or so flew in this evening.
  The group today was so fun… we broke out in a dance party in some parking lot. It lasted a good ten minutes maybe with music blasting from one of the cars. Nate (right) is one of my favorite dancers, this kid knows how to move!
 could possibly be the best photo of myself.
Ended the day playing football, frisbee and hands up stands up til it got too dark.
Packed day! but I love days like this sometimes where you barely have a second to realize how much you’ve done.
Hawaii cliffs and snorkeling.

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