Hawaii Pipeline and Stairway to Heaven Hike

I’ve been waiting to see a surf competition while I’m here and finally the North Shore provided just that. It was called pipeline. We couldnt see super well, but the day was perfect with blue skies and big waves. The 25+ people in our group finally all got to be in one place at a time. It was prime beach day.
Alexis and Dan
This little girl was so in love with the sand .. straight up taking mouth fulls and smiling.

One of the girls competing.
Later in the day we started on a hike called the Stairway to Hell Heaven. Consists of 4000 steps. Unfortunately we got a little lost in the jungle on the way there… and some of us didn’t get to finish the whole thing to see the sunset. Me, being one of them because it got dark.
Did I mention we had to sneak in?
This bad boy was SO STEEP. My booty was on fire.
We had to sneak under the highway to get to the trail stair head.
This is my wing woman Marine. She’s from Switzerland and has gone to Utah State the last 4 years. She’s incredible.
It was so steep that we could see this view in no time. We were all dripping in sweat.
This stretch shown was pretty mellow compared to the other steep parts we came from.
It started getting dark, but the city was lighting up. It was fantastic.
Corie, a new friend I met on the trip.
The highway we had to go under in the beginning.
We look like we just got done swimming with how sweaty we are. lol Just beautiful.
I’d be lying if I said the hike was a stroll in the park. haha Pretty intense, but really worth it when it was all done and we got to see the Island from so high up.
I’m excited to see the other hikes here on the Island. Goodnight world.
Hawaii Pipeline and Stairway to Heaven Hike

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