Hawaii Waterfall hike & Laie Temple

 Wednesday we started the day off at the swap meet in Honolulu at the stadium on the campus of University of Hawaii. You KNOW i love me a good swap meet. Later that afternoon we all went on another hike. This one a little more enjoyable, and less stairs. Thank heavens. Trees with vines are everywhere, don’t even think for a second we didn’t wanna Tarzan those babies.

These trails were like nothing I’ve been on. Roots populating the entire thing. It was so beautiful.

This was a happy accident of a photo.. didn’t look at all before shooting.

The end of the hike was an incredible waterfall with cliffs to jump from.

We always tend to hike spontaneously and I never have the right shoes therefore of course I step in 5 mud puddles. Picture doesn’t give the damage justice.

As we finish up the hike a pack of bikers zoomed past us by the trail head, and this is how the photos I tried to snatch of them came out.
 Today I woke up demanding I get to walk to the Temple, which literally is a 10 minute walk from where we are staying.

 It reminds me of the temples written about in olden times. It was incredible, and the temple grounds were so well taken care of.
 Look at this little guy!
These sister missionaries get to wear mu-mu’s when they’re on the clock on the temple grounds. Lucky. There was another hand full of them all wearing matching ones.
 Marine and I
 View from the temple. Can you see the beach?
Then one of my favoritest parts of the temple grounds was this incredible TREEEEEE! would you just look at it?
 I REALLY wish i could grow this in my backyard.
 I would prance around like this everywhere.
This week is flying by too fast. Can time stop please. I don’t even mind how cray cray my hair is on the daily.
Hawaii Waterfall hike & Laie Temple

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