Hawaii Final Goodbye

ANDDDD there were only 4 left on the Island..the rest had been voted off. What a pitty.
 We were half vacationed out, half crying inside that we had to leave. So as one of our last activities we had to get those bomb tacos one more time.

and again they didn’t disappoint, not one bit.
depressed little boy #1
 grieving (in denial) little tike #2
mourning little chief #3
…. and thats basically how the last supper was. Silence.
Before we went to the airport we stopped at a Waikiki beach for one last look. Watched a sand volleyball match. Observed a homeless guy shower. And saw about 6 VW buses owned by men fulfilling their surf every coast in my VW bus dream. It was charming.
We flew to San Fran for our first stop.. got there an HOUR early which began our 8 hour layover. Starting at 11 at night.. so we got the cheapest hotel we could find, took a shuttle there.. and devoured iHop at 1:30 a.m. then CRASHED instantly. I arrived back in Vegas at 8:30 am.. and went straight to work.
And that concludes the trip.
It was tropicalicious.
a completely needed Vacay.
Until next time:)
Hawaii Final Goodbye

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