Rooftop with T&S

It was high time for a little after work hooky time. And by hooky I mean a concert. Lucky for us it was a rooftop and pool side show at the Cosmopolitan. Probably my new favorite venue. I most likely wont say that when its 115 degrees in a couple weeks. But hot dang, last nights weather was perfection. No wind. 70 degrees. Couldn’t have been better.
Me and my friendship Cathy Snavely devoured sushi before the show.
concerts are great and all; A group of people coming together to enjoy music they mutually enjoy, its my favorite past time. But theres something  .. something so fascinating to me when seeing a group that you have followed from the beginning of their career.. Its just a thing that I love a whole ton, so i’ll stop before I tear up.
Remember that one time Cathy and I (above) went to a Tegan & Sara concert when I was in high school. Around the same time I went through my platinum blonde stage. imsorryimnotsorry
 Now that we’re all grown up, we still homies.. And we thought it only appropriate to see them again before her and her family move to Florida for 2+ years. First concert and last concert (til she returns).
Rooftop with T&S

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