Catherine Destivelle

Lets all get inspired from this lady. Because she makes me want to quit my life and live on a wall.
Catherine Destivelle… you are mad.

but you’re also my hero.

We can learn a few things from her:
1. If you need to do splits on the wall.. for heaven sake do splits on a wall. #splitsonwalls
similar to:
2. please where neon spandex.. I mean why not?
 3. Like in the video above she says she prefers going solo climbing because she hates the idea of  being roped to someone else, she gets nervous when she has to depend on others… I wouldn’t necessarily say take from this that we should all solo climb, cuz most of us would die, BUT, I do like her confidence in herself. I’m sure there’s a level of being so comfortable with her ability (and training and body limit) to do something this insane. But I look up to her for that.
 4. WEAR NEON SPANDEX… and try deep water solo climbing asap.
 5. Purple quickdraws? I think I’ll pass on that one. Climbing in the 80’s must have been so bright.
 6. Do more squats
 7. Find striped leotard
8. Splits for days you guys. she’s incredible. Be daring, pursue passions, travel to places you’ve never been, challenge yourself with whatever it is you love.
(but also be safe … for your mothers sake)
Catherine Destivelle

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