Life is Beautiful – Day 1

This weekend was therapeutic yet exhausting all at the same time. Yes, that is possible. Here’s how..
Vegas Downtown decided to host a new festival called “Life is Beautiful”. While researching all about this festival I came to learn that the makers who brought LIB to Las Vegas wanted to create a festival that is different than Coachella or Lollapalooza but had its own spice so festival goers wouldn’t have to choose one or the other, but rather BOTH.
LIB provided a 4-way threat to set it apart from other festivals:
1. Music
(the obvious)
 2. Food
(chefs from all over to share their food and cooking tips)
 3. Art
(art exhibits in all rooms of a motel, tons of amazing murals on the walls of downtown, as well as cirque du soleil performances)
4. Learning
(Guest speakers with all kinds of motivational insight to share)
That being said.. 2 days of restless, sitless, leg throbbing fun.

Alpine – Aussi band.

Me, Jerilyn, and Britt

Jeri and I

Nico Vega.

I post this only so I can remember how she came out in the crowd and stopped right in front of me.. I had to move or my face would have been on her stomach.

yeah she’s awesome.


All I wanted to ask this kid was, “where are you parents?”

Andrew McMahon (Formerly Jack’s Mannequin)

There was a whole lot of attractive boys on this stage during this set. Wasn’t complaining.

A huge highlight of day one was listening to The Buried Life boys talk to us. They’re still beautiful, funny, and changing lives if you were curious. Check out my last experience with The Buried Life.

we got to Imagine Dragons a little late and the crowd was HUGE.. so it was impossible to get close. They put on a great show though. They collaborated with cirque performers for the last song. See in video.

4:18 and on. fabulous.

BECK. dude, beck might be an oldie.. but he is definitely still a goodie, he killed it.

Every time I decide to just bring my phone along for the photo documenting, I regret it a little. Especially if its things far away you’re trying to capture its a grainy mess. But at the same time, I don’t want to lug around my nice camera and worry about it getting stolen or damaged. I can’t win.

But alas, Day 1 was a huge success. I expected for it to be a little unorganized, for it being LIB first year, but I was very impressed how smoothly it all went.
Stay tuned for Day 2 coming soon.

Life is Beautiful – Day 1

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