Life is Beautiful – Day 2

Day 2 we did more exploring because we didn’t have bands we wanted to see til later on in the day. Saw a couple random bands, wall murals, and cooking demos. And took embarrassing jumping pictures.
This band named Five Knives… was horrible.  and the singer was gross and crowd surfed in a small dress..  we were laughing so hard at how ridiculous this was.
Haim was a group Ive been looking forward to seeing for months now. They didn’t disappoint.

I wrote my thoughts on them here a little while back.

proud to say we were standing in the very front , so I had to use someone elses video that was standing a little behind us.

That creepy curly headed guy that’s always lurkin’ behind us is our friend Brock… if we didn’t know him I would be worried too.
I have to acknowledge the many many “bass faces” that Estee, the Bass playing sister makes.
There’s a tumblr blog dedicated to her here. I think its well earned.

Later that evening we saw Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend (shown above), and The Killers.. one right after another. We wanted to get as close as we could to the Killers.. as did everyone else. So we were squashed for about 5 hours, surrounded by strangers, some of which didn’t smell that good, which is a given when people are at an outdoor musical festival for 2 days .. but I assure you, its was all worth it….
 to be just that much closer to The Killers.
I’ve never seen The Killers live before. I’m glad that I waited to see them til now. One, because it was the last show of their tour. And two, because it was in Vegas, and they went above and beyond and really showed their love for Vegas. Gosh, I have goosebumps thinking about it. Brandon Flowers kinda has a grandpa-like voice when he talks to the crowd. I think its kind of charming and adorable.
Brandon Flowers gave a shout out to Lou Reed, the former The Velvet Underground singer, songwriter and musician, who had passed away earlier that day. He talked about the impact he had made on him as a musician personally. I loved that part.
Lastly, an Elvis Viva Las Vegas cover that blew my mind. It was the greatest surprise addition to the set list.
It was a perfect weekend! I think the goal of the festival planners was to provide an atmosphere that made you sit back and realize …man, life really is beautiful.. and for that I thank them.
Can’t wait for next year.
Life is Beautiful – Day 2

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