hot & cold January

Began the year with the worst stomach flu of my life.. resulting in a pass out, goose egg on my forehead and getting an at-home IV to put fluids back in me. Since then, the year couldn’t have gone anywhere but up right? Which it did.. up a beautiful wall with some climbing at Red Rock with my boy Tim. We’re so blessed with the winter weather in Vegas, we deserve it after the summers we suffer through. With that, Red Rock is up the street for the most part, another blessing for me personally; to get out of town and soak up the mountains in a 15 minute drive.
This past weekend Tim and I took a trip to Island Park, Idaho. We stayed in a massive cabin along the lake with 7 other couples and some of their children.
 Friday was the main snowmobiling day. Tim nor I had ever sat on a snowmobile in our life. The 3 1/2 hour ride turned into 6 hours after getting lost and trying to keep up with the other experienced riders. Who knew digging a snowmobile out of snow would be so exhausting, not to mention a bruised bum from 6 hours of riding the bumpy road. We got back right before the sun went down where I had to immediately get in the shower to help my fingers and toes thaw.. that was painful.
We rode into Montana (part of Yellowstone) for a short while.. making it a 4 state trip. rad.
 Saturday we made our way to Logan to see my college and some people I love. My old roommate Desi is studying aviation at Utah State and took us up for a flight just in time to catch the sunset.
 Those mountain tho..
 This was right before Desi and her instructor pulled a power off stunt making me think I was plummeting to my death. Not cool Desi.. not cool.
 Logan from the sky.
Perfect weekend getaway.
Nice to dabble in the snow for some time.
Letting us desert rats have a normal January weekend to start off the year
…I’m ready for more 2014.
hot & cold January

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