Mid Week Distraction Vol. 1

Decided I needed a forum to store all the goodies I come across during the week. I’ve seen some other blogs do a mid week distraction post kind of thing.. boom.. perfect. A little bit of a vent sesh. Mostly want to share some of my favorite finds so others can enjoy them too.
This documentary series on chefs around the world. It’s so deliciously beautiful and inspiring.
This video showing some of the disaster from the Everest avalanche last week. With the Nepal tragedy and Baltimore riots all so close together, gives us much to pray for this week.
The Design Files wonderful series of artist, dancer, creators of all styles. Really enjoyable.
This show. This interview. (Not your grandmas kind of show)
THIS. kickstarter.
Neato. Wish I looked like that in white spandex.
This instagram account. Too good  not to share.
Spread the beauty. Spread the distraction.
Mid Week Distraction Vol. 1

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