I’m starting a vlog because:

1. I am in search of something new to learn.. creatively.

2. My friend Brock challenged me to.

3. In anticipation of documenting your days, you strive to fill your time with more story worthy and interesting content. So basically you do cooler stuff.. or at least you find the cool in your everyday stuff. I like that idea.

4. My kids should love it one day.

5. Its another medium to journal and document your life.. this time with good music.

6. Because I can (thanks to iMovie and Steve Jobs).

That being said, i’m a big fat amateur at this, so sorry ahead of time for shaky footage or mumbled dialogue. (you can hear the best with headphones) I promise ill get better at this because it was SO FUN! I’m not going to make one everyday, maybe not every week, because I think the pressure of that will take the fun away.. but I’m excited to try and do one as often as possible. VLOG ON!


3 thoughts on “VLOG_001 MAPLE CANYON

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