2015 Recap (according to random iphone photos)

Alas, another year is over. I never thought I’d be 25 years old, well I knew I would be, just felt like it was 5… 3… 2 years away… TWENTY-FIVE years old. Half way to 50..Now that the year of that age is over, I feel like im almost ready to say I’m in my late twenties. ouch. I still have 6 months til it fully ends so I’ll stop being so dramatic. In the mean time, HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Now starts the couple months of having to change the “5” to a “6” when you sign the date. Luckily its an easy fix, without truly needing white-out.

I want to recap 2015 with those random iPhone photos that never got posted somewhere, but still help sum-up the timeline of the year. These photos deserve internet space too… and might free up some space on my phone in return.

–JANUARY–IMG_2414IMG_2406It’s no surprise I spent January climbing on the weekends. The weather is usually delightfully bearable in the winter, and if you chase the sun, we love it out there.

IMG_2504Participated in a boulder competition with Tim.

IMG_2402Remember the random iphone photos thing i was just talking about? This is where it kicks it.

–FEBRUARY–IMG_2519In February I watched the super bowl with my cousin and baby Jax. Seahawks lost.

IMG_2533Moved into a new office for work. Big change from our old offices.

IMG_2542AND realized what a great idea the office move was because of the things we found by the dumpsters at our old office.

IMG_2574Visited some beautiful friends in Utah.

IMG_2583Experimented with some scrap vinyl from work, and actually liked it.

IMG_2658It also snowed in Red Rock in February! (photo cred: Tim Eichholz)

–MARCH–IMG_2724IMG_2729Early in March my sister, her kids, and I went to visit my grandpa and let him tell us about his new projects.

IMG_2765Female Foodie and friend Brooke came to visit and we ate Thai food and saw some transvestites dance in the parking lot.

 IMG_2787got new gear!

IMG_2802Dad got a new knee and practically ran out of that place.

IMG_2827IMG_2823Braved Mnt. Charleston with Tim and Shadow a little early in the year.

–APRIL–IMG_2859In April we got this horrendous picture taken of us at my families annual Easter picnic.

FullSizeRenderThis happened.

IMG_2883I saw a desert tortoise in its natural habitat for the first time in April, after that I saw a couple more throughout the year and geeked out every time.

IMG_2913My parents’ Hispanic neighbors threw a ‘low-key’ party next door, leaving the cul de sac COMPLETELY full of parked cars. I found it hilarious.

IMG_2984Was a bridesmaid for muh girl Regan in April. Spent the whole afternoon/evening avoiding a down pour of rain seconds after this photo was taken. It was a blast, even with the rain.


–MAY–IMG_3016This dumb website arose in May and made me re-think using wrinkle cream.

IMG_3028Mothers day got crazy.


IMG_3082Tim’s sister Kelley performed on TV with her dance company in NYC.

IMG_3095Tim was about a month into the fire academy at this point, he still tried his hardest to hang out with me and go about his regular life, but there was a lot of this^ going on while we drove around town or to and from Charleston/Red Rock. TROOPER!

–JUNE–IMG_3130This happened and it was cute.

IMG_3143Took a Maple Canyon climbing trip around my birthday weekend. It rained a lot, and  shadow was sopping wet the entire time and didn’t care one bit.

IMG_3154Coolest birthday gift.

IMG_3160Spent some hot summer evenings at Lather & Shave at the park.

IMG_3177Dumpster dove for a table I still haven’t done anything with.

IMG_3188Are you sick of these climbing pictures yet?

IMG_3216Used my communities pool for the first time In the whole year I’ve lived there.

IMG_3231Attended Downtown Podcast with some frenzzz.

IMG_3260Cleaned out my garage and found these goodies.

IMG_3267..and summer storms began.

–JULY–IMG_3361Too much cuteness not to share on our second Maple Canyon trip of the summer on 4th of July weekend.

IMG_3422Saw Bye Bye Birdie at Spring Mnt Ranch outdoor theater and saw Sydney (Tim’s cousin and my neighbor) dance and squeal over Conrad Birdie. She Killed it.

IMG_3618Roadtripped to Utah for my family reunion on the 24th of July.

IMG_3690All my siblings together after many years apart.

IMG_3654And all my way too grown up nephews. Bunch o’ studs.

IMG_3384July showers brought… epic rainbows.


IMG_3970August got REAL hot.

IMG_4105Tim graduated from the Fire Academy after months of intense physical and mental work in the heat of summer. His family and I got to attend the graduation at City Hall.

IMG_4159Locked my keys in the car at church.

IMG_4258Hiked in the evenings.

IMG_4180And got coached on some yoga by Shadow.


End of summer shimmy.

–SEPTEMBER–IMG_4324In September I rearranged my room to shake things up.

IMG_4287I attempted to be domestic.


IMG_4436Tried my hand at macrame for my window.

IMG_4663Ended September with a day trip to Kolob, UT Namaste Wall.

–OCTOBER–IMG_4758I started a weekly VLOG earlier in the summer as a creative outlet I was unfamiliar with. Kept it up for about 6 months, had lots of fun in the process. I have since stopped doing it, but plan on doing others in the future for major trips/events.

IMG_4939Attended secret art exhibit.

IMG_4968Was customer 1,2, & 3 at In-n-out. That was a first.

IMG_4861Unfortunately in October I figured out my name it a lot like this cream if you say it fast. (which I’ve never used, obviously) “LoriTruman”…”Lotrimin” haha

IMG_5059Was a mermaid at a boulder competition.

IMG_5092The highlight of the year was probably dad being Elton John for Halloween. Already brainstorming for next year.

–NOVEMBER–IMG_5137In November I got my climbing shoes re-soled and was pleasantly surprised with how well I liked them!

IMG_5169Collected LOTS of wood from the pallets by the dumpsters at work.

IMG_5176Attended an art festival and food truck festival in the same Saturday as well as saw live music by local band Brumby.

IMG_5196I expanded my knowledge about menstrual cups. Yes, I still love them and find them life changing.

IMG_5275Roasted marshmallows in my parents backyard Thanksgiving weekend.

–DECEMBER–IMG_5337In the beginning of December I was surprised with this log reindeer made by someone in my fab shop that left it on my desk. I still don’t know who made it for me. Sneaky secret santa.

IMG_5409Was invited by some friends to attend a “Tuesdays at Justins” dinner night. An old friend attended culinary school in France, so now he takes Tuesdays to share his talents and keep up with his food making skills. It was SO fancy and SO delicious.

IMG_5470Star Wars on Christmas Eve. I personally LOVED it. Ray is the baddest chick in all the galaxy. And Kerry Fisher is still beautiful despite her lip jobs and wrinkles. Kylo Ren is hot… judge me. Watch GIRLS.

IMG_5439The US-95 people think they’re funny.

IMG_5329Remember that wood I collected back in November? Used almost all of it for some Christmas gifts.

IMG_5465Which I snuck into Tims house.

IMG_5371And for a headboard for my parents.

IMG_5495To end the year I had a group of 8 Utah friends come to climb in Red Rock. They stayed for New years and hiked, climbed, slept, ate.. repeat and barely realized we switched years in the middle.

I didn’t want to end this with a sappy ode to resolutions, or lack of keeping resolutions, yadda yadda.. But I’m always excited by the idea of a New Year to gain new ideas and inspirations and to get excited for all the different holidays all over again.

Bye 2015. Hello 2016. 


2015 Recap (according to random iphone photos)

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