Disposable Diaries – Maple Canyon Labor Day 2016

606241-r1-07-16aI spent Labor Day weekend up in Maple Canyon, Utah… again, its pretty apparent we like it here since i’ve blogged about it once or twice HERE or HERE but this time Tim had some vacation time so he packed up and spent 2 weeks straight camping there. Part of me was jealous it wasn’t me also going for 2 weeks straight to watch his beard grow (that work doesn’t allow) BUT, luckily I was able to get there both weekends he was there to see the beard… oh and of course climb rocks. The end of summer is the PERFECT time to be there; the weather is absolutely gorgeous still, but with the fall colors starting to show up. Here are some under and over exposed grainy shots from my FijiFilm Quicksnap. It feels like they’re shots from an old climbing guidebook or something.


606241-r1-00-24aOur campsite was near what I like to call a “blubbling brook” which makes for a dreamy atmosphere. It kept reminding me of those CDs that help people fall asleep like, the sound of the ocean, or crickets or-or like crackling fire place.


606241-r1-03-20aThe edge of this photo got messed up in developing, and I dig it.

606241-r1-06-17aWe climbed with this guy Brent who was best friends/owner of these two bears dogs , the lighter one would run in front of his truck as he drove through the canyon to get energy out.  606241-r1-04-19a


606241-r1-08-15aOur campmate Andrew (climbing) and Brent (belayer) beginning a climb at Minimum Crag.

606241-r1-09-14aI like how the colors got colder & deeper in the evening, still being able to see the last of the days light reflecting on the upper cobbles.

606241-r1-12-9aOne of the evenings as we were wrapping up our last climbs someone said the magic word: PIZZA… that word lingered til we all decided we HAD to go where pizza was, so we drove into this tiny town called Mount Pleasant outside the canyon to Main Street Pizza. It was SO WORTH IT.

606241-r1-13-5aHere I’m on Heathen (11b) at Pictograph wall, one of my favorite climbs of the weekend.

606241-r1-14-4aOn our rest day we hiked into some hot springs to sooth our sore muscles.

606241-r1-15-3aShadow wanted to be as close to Tim as possible but also didn’t want to get in the water, so she stayed ride on the edge of the rocks protecting him, haha.


606241-r1-17-1aLook close… we’re in the hole of the water fall, which is surrounded by shirtless strangers. I think I’ll frame this one.

606241-r1-19-00aI know its blurry but I had to show how many freaking caterpillars were EVERYWHERE. They were all over my gear and around our campsite. Super fuzzy little creatures, I began to get nervous I was going to squish them at every turn. BUT BUT! think of the all the beautiful butterflies that will reside there soon. (or moths… probably moths)

I hope everyones Labor Day was full of adventure or however you wanted to spend the last glimpses of Summer. Now, excuse me while I go put on some white.  #therearenorules

Disposable Diaries – Maple Canyon Labor Day 2016

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