Calico Basin – Pentax Spotmatic 35 mm film (Roll #1)

606351-r1-08-16aNot sure if you could tell.. but I haven’t gotten over this film kick I’ve been on the past couple months. So within that time I’ve been researching and price checking film cameras so I could save money, dispose less of disposables, and have more flexibility on how these photos turn out. I spent 3 years of high school in photography class learning the ins and out of film photography (including dark room developing, etc) and since that was literally a decade ago (I’m old AF) my knowledge is SUPER rusty, I don’t even remember the ISOFStopApertureExposure stuff all too well. So I ended up purchasing a Pentax Spotmatic from a lady on craigslist. I had my eye set on a k1000 for weeks and after a handful of Ebay outbids and not finding exactly what I wanted I went with the Spotmatic because it was the right time/price and VERY similar to the k1000. The Pentax Spotmatic is a hardy, dependable, & student-like film camera manufactured between the years of 1964 and 1976. Neato.

I shot the first roll this weekend on a hike around Calico Basin with my roommate Natasha and the whole time I kept thinking to myself that none of the shots would come out and that the craigslist lady lied to me and the camera actually didn’t work (you just NEVER know) and to be fair its an old camera so I didn’t know what to expect. WHY IS FILM SO FUN TO SHOOT!? To my surprise the camera worked, and there are some shots I actually really love. BUT, I have a lot to learn still, so I think I’m starting a series here on my blog that documents my learning curve on the Spotmatic. You’ll see in the shots below there is a lot of over-exposure and blurry-ness. (I swear I was focusing haha) BUT, I’m excited to get better at it! I still love all these photos for different reasons, flaws and all. Take a look.

606351-r1-00-24aNatasha, my hiking buddy. Did I mention it was BLAZING hot on the hike? I had it set in my mind that it was Fall here in Vegas, but I was sorely wrong.

606351-r1-01-23aThe blues and grays here<3

606351-r1-03-21aMy furbaby Shadow was a lot of the subject on this roll… and they were ALL blurry, haha. Definitely need to work on that.




606351-r1-09-15a606351-r1-10-14aI think this lemon limey color is my favorite right now.

606351-r1-11-13aThis shot was so incredibly over exposed but it came out looking like a antique landscape painting that started to fade or something, and I don’t hate it.

606351-r1-12-12aLooks like Shadow Circa 1932



606351-r1-15-9aThis one i’m pissed her face isn’t in focus… it would have been the perfect headshot for her acting career. Ugh.

606351-r1-16-8aAnd this one will probably end up as a print on my wall, and was probably my favorite shot on the roll.



606351-r1-19-5And lastly, there’s always a double exposure or some kind of mishap that I still like having around. It’s like that shirt you can’t get rid of just because there’s a bleach stains on it.

I have so much to learn about the new (but old) camera, but it’s all about the process right? Roll #2 is loaded.

Calico Basin – Pentax Spotmatic 35 mm film (Roll #1)

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